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Axial piston pump manufacturer to tell you what pump failure of sucker rod string failure prevention measures

by:Suncenter     2020-08-12
Axial piston pump manufacturer to tell you what pump failure of sucker rod string failure prevention measures. 1, reasonable selection of sucker rod string design method and stem diameter of screw pump according to the working state of the sucker rod string, the sucker rod string structure be taken into account, the borehole track morphology, rod string collision contact state between, factors such as production process parameters, the deep analysis to calculate the arbitrary well sucker rod string movement and collision contact state, dynamic internal force variation law of sucker rod string can be conducted on the basis of dynamic strength assessment and reasonable calculation of centralizer lay position, so as to complete the design of the sucker rod string. This kind of design method with the existing simple rod string mechanics analysis and calculation and design method, compared with considering many factors, the design results of advantages, but it is more tedious to calculation method, calculation workload. 2, enhance the quality detection of the sucker rod, and on-site construction management of sucker rod and thread itself quality defect is due to sucker rod breaking and threaded connection failure. Therefore, we should strengthen the construction process of the application of non-destructive testing technology, the large extent avoid unqualified sucker rod under the well; In the sucker rod thread manufacturing and testing process, should strictly control the fit precision of the thread; In addition, the sucker rod and the material of the collar, heat treatment process should be strictly controlled. In site construction management work, on the one hand, is the guarantee of construction quality, strictly implement construction standards and avoid artificial factors bring about sucker rod break off; On the other hand is a timely grasp the oil well production performance, timely take measures such as paraffin, broken down, so as to effectively control the working load abnormal increase of the rod string to avoid overload. 3, the use of the rod string matching equipment in the event of a sand card, paraffin plugging Wells, the more serious overload protection device should be used. In order to increase the overload protection device on sex, except on the electric cabinet is equipped with a current or power saver, should also be in the driving head installed mechanical torque protector to achieve overload protection. In order to avoid the reversal of the rod string tripping phenomenon, anti-reverse device should be adopted. On the ground drive on the main drive shaft and driven shaft of installing anti-reverse device, can effectively prevent the reverse flow of liquid in the tubing string, which avoids the import and export of differential pressure of the pump rod string caused by the inversion phenomenon. 4, the development of the sucker rod and application of common sucker rod used in screw pump production, not only the stress of screw is worse than used in reciprocating pump, but also exist tripping and difficult to shackle, lulu button hidden trouble. Therefore, in order to increase sucker rod's torsional ability, on the one hand, ontology of sucker rod structure was studied, the main is the hollow sucker rod; On the other hand threaded connection way for the research and application, the current situation of research, the main way to solve the following two: ( 1) Use key to transfer torque. This method is in the joint of sucker rod coupling and the design keys and keyways, a rectangular keys, cross and petals keys, etc. , will be key to transfer torque at work, it has strong torsional and bidirectional transmission torque, etc, but this kind of connection mode because the key matchups, causing inconvenience to operation, and can't guarantee in the hollow sucker rod seal and the center port open. ( 2) Using a special screw torque. This method still retain the original connection method of sucker rod is higher thread by thread form joint pre-tightening force and torsional ability, for the torque, and can guarantee the hollow sucker rod seal and the center port. This method is still follow the traditional way of connection, will not bring trouble to the construction, easy to engineering application, and the connection mode only one-way transfer torque capacity. In the study of the two connection ways, to use a key to transfer torque way to study more, because of this connection by shear failure key transmission torque, the stress state and mechanics analysis is relatively simple, but the structure design is relatively difficult, therefore, this way of connection has been mature. Torque by special threaded connection mode, however, study is less, the connection is just the reverse of the key, the stress is very complex, and mechanics analysis and structure design is relatively simple. Keywords: axial plunger gas booster pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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