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Evaporation forced circulation pump bearing temperature is too high

by:Suncenter     2020-08-14
Evaporation forced circulation pump bearing temperature is too high: 1. The outer radial thrust bearing axial clearance is too small; 2. Within the inner bearing cover outer oil groove not placed below; 3. Lubricating oil is too high or too low; 4. Lubricating oil into the water or deterioration. Evaporation forced circulation gas booster pump bearing high temperature solution: 1. Reduce the lateral bearing cover the shim thickness, axial clearance is transferred to the specified value; 2. The arrow on the inside and outside bearing cover should be in upper part; 3. Check whether there is any jam on constant bit oil cup; 4. Replacement of lubricating oil pressure test to check water cooling jacket with and without sand holes.
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