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Evaporation forced circulation pump in operation in the power of reason and solution

by:Suncenter     2020-08-15
Evaporation forced circulation pump of different technology in forced circulation pump entrance pipeline, because of high working pressure, outside the molecular structure of liquid diffusion rate increases, the permeability to improve work ability, mandatory photoelectric catalysis corrosion is more casual, bearing radial clearance generally don't have to adjust, if press the appropriate passed in the assembly line, assembly line, they already get to ensure that the radial gap, for steel pipe anticorrosion to perform in the soil. In general, people introduce the barometer of tapping into the entrance of water pump seal water side and install saves the valve, the goal is to make the seal waveguide do work water pump seal water pressure is not pressure, mandatory pump fixed bracket structure types of the fixed bracket pump shaft diameter annual meeting, good stiffness, short that hang a wall, under the extreme load does not easily bend and vibration. Double mechanical seal of the inner hole main think its supporting facilities, both mechanical seal structure as the annual meeting of the body, the mandatory to thicker, despite its double mechanical seal of the inner hole excellent sex of circulating water gas booster pump, circulating pump in the practical application process also shows many problems. Evaporation forced circulation pump, is success in slurry pump design manufacturing most of the work experience, for the industrial production in our country the characteristics of the wet desulphurization pump, received similar material around the world on the old-timers techniques, research and development of a new generation of products by heart evaporation forced circulation gas booster pump. Evaporation forced circulation pump in operation in the power of reason and solution: ( 1) And resistance to wear ring, centrifugal impeller and centrifugal impeller shell with friction. The solution is inspection and maintenance. ( 2) Actual operation when the traffic is very large. The solution is to reduce traffic. ( 3) The liquid density. The solution is check the liquid density. ( 4) Filling material pressure tight or dry friction. The solution is to release pressure filling material, check the water pipe. ( 6) Speed is too high. The solution is check the drive machine and switch power supply. ( 5) Radial force principle of brake is not successful. The solution is to check the balance hole, back to the water pipe is blocked. ( 7) Even the shaft device of the poor or the radial gap is very small. The solution is check on the status and radial gap adjustment. Jiangsu xin, pump industry technology co. , LTD. Is a scientific research, design, production, operating as one of professional companies. Engaged in chemical centrifugal pump, evaporation forced circulation pump, stainless steel submerged pump, automatic self-priming pump, stainless steel self-priming pump, alkali, corrosion resistant pump such as product design and manufacturing has many years of history, has rich experience in design and manufacture. Over the years my company with good credit standing and adhere to the principle of people-oriented, respect for talent, relying on science and technology, seize the opportunity to continue to strengthen technical reform and technical innovation, so as to make the products constantly upgrading. 。
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