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girl seriously injured in swimming pool mishap as drain pump sucks out her intestines

by:Suncenter     2020-09-14
No. 6-Minni aporesyear-
After a terrible accident at the pool, the little girl was hospitalized when she sat on an open drain and a powerful suction gas booster pump ripped a part of her intestines.
A surgeon told her family on Wednesday that some of her intestines had been lost.
Abigail Taylor was seriously injured on Tuesday when she was sitting on an open drain hole in a shallow pool at the Minni apores Golf Club, according to her family on the Love Bridge website
The post that has since been deleted says Taylor is still alive as a \"medical miracle \".
Taylor is listed as a serious illness at the Children\'s Hospital in Minneapolis.
Bob Bennett, a lawyer representing the family, told St.
Later on Tuesday she was conscious and able to speak, but she faced a series of surgeries with uncertain results.
Bennett claimed that no drainage holes were found in the pool.
An official at the golf club expressed sympathy for the family and said he did not think there was any problem with the pool but referred the problem to the club\'s lawyer, who declined to comment.
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