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oklahoma city firefighters rescue cow stuck in swimming pool

by:Suncenter     2020-09-15
Oakama city-think it\'s hard for firefighters to save a cat in a tree?
Try the cow in the pool.
On Sunday morning, after a homeowner reported hearing some sort of \"snoring\" from his pool area, firefighters in Thunder City were summoned.
Emergency rescue workers arrived and found a hole in the liner of the swimming pool. a cow was trapped in the water.
Benny Fulkerson, the city\'s fire chief, said firefighters used water pumps to take about 5 feet of the water out of the pool so that the cow would not have a low temperature.
Then the crew brought a wrecker to lift nearly 1,500-
Pounds of animals from the pool and safe.
Fu said the cow did not seem to have been injured after the ordeal.
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