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Corrosion resistance of submerged pump selection

by:Suncenter     2020-08-16
Corrosion resistant submerged pump is a common type of pumps, but because of the particularity of submersible pump, in the process of selection, according to the working condition of the use of the environment. Such as landscape fountain, garden water features, water drainage, irrigation, mines emergency rescue, tunnel booster deep well water, urban water supply, etc. , different working condition, the selection also have great differences. In different industries, application field, the corrosion resistant submerged pump plays a huge role, as one of manufacture and produce submersible pump manufacturer, small make up to you to introduce its deep 1, the characteristics of the medium: medium viscosity, density, whether there is the name of, corrosive, poisonous, PH value, size, etc. ; 2, and the size of the sediment concentration, extraction medium contained in the diameter of the solid particle size, amount, etc. , can choose when necessary sand resistant stainless steel submersible pumps and submersible motors; 3, medium temperature: considering the temperature of the medium ( ℃) , when necessary, need to consider to choose high temperature stainless steel submersible pumps and high temperature type submersible motor, flow: according to the customer's requirements and design of water consumption, calculate the pump flow, at the same time take into account the leakage of pipeline; 5, pressure: according to the customer's requirements and design of the pressure value ( Head) The reasonable water pump pressure (, Head) And at the same time take into account the head loss of pipe network; 6, pipeline system data ( Kinds and number of pipe diameter, length and piping fittings, vacuum pressure to the pool geometry level, etc. ) 。 So far, the main products are: corrosion submerged pump QJP stainless steel submersible pump, QSP stainless steel fountain pumps, stainless steel mute gas booster pump, stamping stainless steel submersible pumps, stainless steel straight league multi-stage submersible pump, stainless steel straight league multistage pump, long axis deep well pump, deep well pump, Q cast iron long axis deep well pump, axial flow models products fire pump, diving fire pump etc. The above article is about corrosion resistance model of submerged pump and deep well submersible pump selection, through the above articles, we can clearly understand the submersible pump of the main types, at the same time, not only manufacture submersible pump, and submersible motor, fire pump, water supply equipment, and other series products. We provide advanced products, services and solutions that meet your diversified needs. Derived from the heritage of innovation, committed to the technology of water pump, corrosion-resistant submerged pump continuous improvement of products and solutions.
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