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The basis of corrosion resistant submerged pump principle and USES

by:Suncenter     2020-08-17
Corrosion liquid pump under the basis of the principle of corrosion resistance of the submerged pump column type motor with anchor bolt tightening up on the motor base, and according to the elastic coupling with the pump drive system immediately, middle docking, pump, pump shell frame, drainage pipe, pipe flanges, with anchor bolt connection form an organic whole, fixed on the negatives, pump overall, according to the blank is installed on the vessel by rolling bearing box on the unilateral thrust ball bearings, single row centripetal ball bearings; And drag to guide shaft in order to ensure the normal operation of pump all security. Rolling bearing with unsalted butter RunHua, guide roller bearing with the transportation of liquid RunHua. New corrosion the structure of the submerged pump is a pump and motor coupling into liquid, keep accurate raw materials to the overall goal of storage purpose. Corrosion resistant part of submerged pump work engulfed in liquid, water pump seal, no leakage. And covers an area of small, application, maintenance is convenient, strong corrosion resistance characteristics. Corrosion resistant submerged pump which several main purposes are there? Tight go corrosion submerged pump, is generally used to bottom pressure throughout the pipeline, sealing function lies in the cork and plug in the middle of the body completely conform to the quality, it will face at the bottom of the card tight depend on tightening nuts to keep; Packing type corrosion submerged pump, the packing type corrosion submerged gas booster pump is according to the card the packing to keep the cork and the plug body sealing. Due to the packing, and sealing function is good. General this type of corrosion resistant submerged pump filler cap unscrewing, cork without extending oil circuit board, thus reducing the material in the work of a leak; Sealing corrosion submerged pump, it is according to the working pressure of the material itself to keep the cork and plug the card tight sealing in the middle of the body. Corrosion resistance in recent years development, the use of submerged pump category up contain mandatory RunHua skeleton sealed corrosion submerged pump. Due to mandatory RunHua corks and outburst of the plug body surface between a layer of oil, sealing function is stronger, opening and closing ShengJin, avoid sudden surface damage; Under high temperature and corrosion resistant liquid gas booster pump, the corrosion resistance of material that transport submerged pump for high temperature liquid. If the transport of high temperature material for high temperature liquid molten salt, this kind of pump for molten salt corrosion submerged gas booster pump, known as huawei molten salt pump. Under high temperature and corrosion resistant liquid pump, the pump can be heat, resulting in the overall design of the pump and raw material selection with its diversity.
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