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Vertical pump electrical characteristics of the unit

by:Suncenter     2020-08-18
Characteristics of the vertical pump electrical units vertical pump power unit has compact structure, small volume, light weight, small vibration, low noise, convenient use, therefore, the oil pump power plant has the technical and economic benefits. It can be widely used in machine tools, forging press, mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, asynchronous motor driven hydraulic equipment of injection molding machine, etc. This product is widely used in cutting machine, hydraulic mechanical system, with convenient installation, long service life, etc. Gear pump used maintenance instructions. The installation note 1) shaft, such as fission and motor connection should use elastic coupling, concentricity should be 0. Less than 1 mm, rotating shaft coupling with the hand not overtighten or weight unevenness phenomenon. 2) shaft hole into connection with motor, pump shaft and the hole fit clearance should be 0. 02 - 0. Between 3 mm and should not be forced, in order to avoid the natural gas booster pump shaft. 3) inlet pipe diameter of not less than or greater than the pump inlet diameter, inlet piping design may be short and elbow as far as possible, and the oil pipe diameter shall not be less than three-quarters of the oil pipe diameter. Before installation should clean with high pressure oil pipe wall clean, avoid hard particles come into, into the tubing shall be installed filter and filter traffic should be more than 2 times of the pump flow rate, inlet pipe section of joint sealing to solid can't leak. 4) After the installation of electric motor, to determine whether the oil natural gas booster pump direction of rotation is consistent with the arrow pointing to sign in. Switched on after check the import and export pressure oil pump should be in the range of the provisions of the pump working pressure, and watch the pump power plant in the process of running any abnormal sound or overheating, everything is ok before safe use. Key words: oil pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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