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The rational use of plunger pump and failure analysis

by:Suncenter     2020-08-27
Axial piston pump is an important component in the hydraulic system, exceptions are metallurgical equipment, most energy of hydraulic system components are chosen plunger pump. Correct and reasonable use of plunger pump, plunger pump fault diagnosis method and quickly ruled out measures and means, in metallurgy hydraulic system is very important. Metallurgy hydraulic equipment are large automatic production line, the component fails, quickly ruled out, to ensure normal and stable production. The proper use of the plunger pump selection principle ( 1) Structure in the choice of pump plunger pump structure, should first consider it applied in open system, or a closed system. If used in open system, can choose the swash plate pump without auxiliary pump; If for the sake of manipulated variables institutions or hydraulic valve and other auxiliary institutions, also can choose with auxiliary natural gas booster pump and valve closed system integration of pump and motor. ( 2) The parameters of the pump plunger pump is the basic parameters of stress, displacement, speed, etc. , generally according to the working pressure of the hydraulic system to choose the rated pressure of the pump, in metallurgical equipment, the normal work of the hydraulic system pressure can choose for pump pressure rated 70% ~ 80%, and in order to ensure the service life of the pump is. When choosing the parameters of the pump, should make the host of the commonly used working parameters on pump efficiency curve efficient area of the parameter range. For indoor use of the pump, should pay attention to choose low noise pump. ( 3) Refers to overhaul service life cycle natural gas booster pump service life under the condition of the rated operating time. Requires the use of metallurgical pump overhaul period for more than 5000 h. Key points of installation, 1) To avoid the pump shaft by the radial force both blocked swash-plate axial pump shaft or shaft swash-plate axial pump shaft is sensitive to radial force, therefore, does not allow the pump ( The motor) Installed directly to the shaft end of the belt wheel, the gear, sprocket, and abnormal also check when installing the engine output shaft and the pump shaft alignment, lest caused by shaft bending and wedge-shaped space between the cylinder and valve plate, increase the leakage, reduce the volume of the pump efficiency, intensified between the cylinder body and the valve plate wear and tear, and seriously affect the service life of the natural gas booster pump. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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