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No self-priming pump seal is not the cause of the water absorption and structure design

by:Suncenter     2020-08-29
No self-priming pump seal is not the cause of the water absorption and many consumers in use since the pump structure design steps, can't absorb water, net weaving below to help you analyze not seal self-priming pump suction inlet of reasons: 1, no self-priming pump is installed sealed inverse inlet valve and globe valve, if it weren't for the installation so use no self-priming pump seal for the first time stop cause gas into the hydraulic piston natural gas booster pump, again using The Times required after the factors of irrigation water hydraulic plunger pump used to restart without seal self-priming pump power, if it weren't for irrigation water is started, the factors of hydraulic plunger pump used to there must be a gas causes no seal self-priming pump suction inlet, so be sure to in the hydraulic piston pump before use factor into the water. 2, due to the transport of sediment in the liquid is overmuch, may cause a pipe or self-priming bucket hydraulic plunger pump used to set factors congestion, would also be no self-priming pump seal is not the cause of the water absorption, the solution is to remove only looking for specific jams. 3, no self-priming pump seal moisture absorption pipe is not fully into the kitchen xiancai basins, no seal self-priming pump start there will be a gas suction or poor absorption of moisture pipe sealing from beginning to end in the conditions of extraction, thus it is no seal self-priming pump don't come up to the cause of the water absorption, troubleshoot the way is to check no self-priming pump seal input gateway IP sealing is the original state, after the seal, the seal. No seal self-priming natural gas booster pump structure design: need not be in the shop is filled with water in the suction line can automatically pumped the water centrifugal pump called no self-priming pump seal. External mixing type without sealing structure design of self-priming pump is: water natural gas booster pump before you start to fill in the pump body into the water, because of the liquid in the turbine shell collision cascade constantly, constantly being wind turbines devastated, with gas, mixing significantly after start-up rotor speed to make the water flow to the spiral case, wind turbines, the safe passage is empty, the water seepage non-return door open, and the suction in gas outside the pipe into the pump, and through the rotor slots way to arrive at the edge. In addition, the left hole flow back into the water in under the action of pressure difference and interaction, exposure to the rotor slot within the tao, and wind turbines devastated, mixes with the inlet line to gas, towards the turbine shell, submerged pump metering pump gear oil pump corrosion acid pump fire pump swing in the direction of rotation. And then right back to the hole flow to water gathered themselves together, and follow the turbine shell. Jiangsu xin, pump industry technology co. , LTD. Is a scientific research, design, production, operating as one of professional companies. Engaged in chemical centrifugal pump, no seal self-priming pump, stainless steel submerged pump, automatic self-priming pump, stainless steel self-priming pump, alkali, corrosion resistant pump such as product design and manufacturing has many years of history, has rich experience in design and manufacture. Over the years my company with good credit standing and adhere to the principle of people-oriented, respect for talent, relying on science and technology, seize the opportunity to continue to strengthen technical reform and technical innovation, so as to make the products constantly upgrading. 。
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