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The axial plunger pump work things and performance characteristics

by:Suncenter     2020-08-09
All the abnormal axial plunger pump ordinary, oil distribution plate, piston and cylinder body of inclined plate, and other important machine ( Figure 1 - 40) 。 Cylinder with multiple plunger and plunger is axial alignment, namely the plunger of the Central Line parallel to the axis of the transmission shaft, so called it the axial plunger pump. But it is different from current type plunger gas booster pump, because it has a plunger in the gas booster pump cylinder do not only contacts with sports, and plunger pump cylinder and swash plate relative rotation motion. Plunger with a spherical end contact with the swash plate. On the oil distribution disc with high and low pressure groove, each other the partition from isolation, guarantee the sealing, separate them with the inlet of the pump and the oil outlet connected. The axis of the inclined plate with a tilt Angle between axis of cylinder body. Axial piston pump manufacturer when the motor shaft rotates, the pump cylinder and plunger rotation, plunger head keep in contact with the swash plate, due to the inclined plate and cylinder as a point of view, so the cylinder rotates, the plunger in the pump cylinder contacts with exercise. In an effort to l - The next plunger of 40, for example, from 0 ° to 180 °, namely go to the top position of the plunger, the plunger cylinder volume increase man, so the liquid by the oil distribution disc oil suction mouth of a sucking oil cylinder; And the plunger is from 180 ° to 360 °, the plunger cylinder volume man is reduced, so the liquid in the cylinder to the import of oil distribution plate of exclusion liquid. Just drive shaft rotate persist, persist to pump is work. Changing the Angle of the inclined element, can perhaps or change the plunger in the pump cylinder stroke length, you can change the flow of the pump. Angle of solid called quantitative gas booster pump, Angle can perhaps or change is called variable pump. Plunger pump according to the components of the tilt is different, have oblique disc and shaft type two kinds. Swash plate is inclined plate relative reversal came one Angle, the cylinder caused by the piston in the pump cylinder contacts with sports. The shaft axis and axis of cylinder body is the same. This structure is roughly, high speed, but cried out working conditions is high, the plunger end and the contact part of inclined plate is often weak. The swash plate of inclined shaft axis and shaft axis was consistent. It is because the plunger cylinder block relative to the shaft tilt Angle and make the plunger to make contacts and movement. Traffic rehabilitation by swinging the Angle of the plunger cylinder to complete, so some say again cylinder type. Compared with swash plate, it works, large flow, but the complex structure. Axial piston pump compared with radial piston pump, high rejection pressure, its unusually ordinary can work within the scope of 20 ~ 50 mpa, efficiency is high, the radial size small, compact structure, small volume, light weight. But the radial piston pump complex structure, processing and manufacturing high cried out, the price is more expensive. Abnormal ordinary plunger pump used in machine tools, metallurgy, forging press, mining and hoisting machine hydraulic transmission system, the anomaly's everywhere using in high power hydraulic transmission system. In order to advance efficiency, when the application is usually use as oil pump sponsorship, or gear pump vane pump is used to oil, supplement of leakage and keep the oil pressure. Key words: the axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial piston pump manufacturer suppliers
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