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Variable plunger pump manufacturer of developmental challenges

by:Suncenter     2020-09-06
Leadership construction is very difficult to pass a type of training to achieve two times, still not easy to change a child's behavior pattern, how to change a life experience, decisive manager confident behavior patterns. Our experience also suggests that, as a variable piston pump manufacturer to the transformation of its change ability too optimistic, managers also tend to overestimate the power to change their behavior patterns. Is need to experience, in order to find some can touch the soul, cause reflection events, and these events are often negative, unintended, such ability impact. Good at learning can get energy from the impact, to complete its transformation. The role of design developmental challenges is to dig and guide the students' emotional experience, and convert the experience into positive energy. And elevated to the variable piston pump manufacturer leadership really play a role, training activities with the help of a case or tactical evaluations, let students experience the emotional experience, and insight through reflection. Whether it's experience, learn from others, or training and theoretical study, the common point is that should reach the emotional experience experience, and promote the transition of the inner in the form of positive energy, and then reflected in the behavior. And trigger the transformation of emotional experience, is the higher axial plunger co2 transfer pump company leadership of the touchstone. Developmental challenge comes mainly from five aspects, as shown. Make a basic requirement for a developmental tasks: it can pull people out of their comfort zone, asking them to use different ways of thinking and action, which is to put people in a challenging situation. Love is full of problems to solve, need to deal with the dilemma, to overcome difficulties, and need to be risky and uncertain condition to make a choice. Variable plunger pump manufacturer developmental task key element is the challenge: by dealing with unfamiliar tasks and see the results of operations, people learn from their work challenge, how to bring in decision making, action, dealing with risk, management relations and solve the problem of change. To increase their competence in the process, also dare to break through the 'comfort zone', meet the challenge, realize the transformation, make a breakthrough in the field of new capabilities. Leadership, according to the innovation center study found that from the point of view of the variable piston pump manufacturer development, effective experiences are most challenging experiences. Through dealing with unfamiliar tasks and see the results of their actions, meet the challenge of learning from them. Studying this gives managers on how to decision, action, dealing with risk, the change of management relations and solve the problem. What about challenging, is the key to a 'new' yu. In a new place, new relationships and new tasks, new methods, new environment, asking people out of the familiar with the situation, in a different way of thinking and action. American innovation leadership center in its study details the work task in axial piston pump sources of five kinds of challenges, as shown in table. Keywords: variable plunger co2 transfer pump manufacturers, variable plunger co2 transfer pump, variable piston pump equipment
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