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Flexible application of tactics and techniques to reduce the axial plunger pump manufacturer purchasing cost

by:Suncenter     2020-08-20
Flexible application of tactics and techniques to reduce the axial plunger pump manufacturers purchase cost (1) centralized purchasing departments will demand for the same material number for the overall statistics, so that you can use larger purchases as leverage to get discount price. , (2) negotiations with suppliers to reduce procurement costs, the usual method is to persuade the other party with qiao talks to lower the price of materials, concrete is commonly used auxiliary tool cost structure analysis. Friends know Man fight, in practice, only by understanding the other side of the price structure in the negotiations to operate smoothly, good grasp of the price of each supplier trade-off problem, well control, to reduce the purchase cost, in addition, the axial plunger pump enterprises should also let vendors provide detailed unit price of its products, thereby helping to axial plunger pump to verify the accuracy of the price of the enterprise. 2, 'cut' manpower for axial piston pump enterprises 'cost' is always painful. Along with the national policy of low wage standard year by year in axial piston pump manufacturer labor costs has become an important part of the cost savings. How the axial plunger pump manufacturer in cutting the orbit at the same time maintain their competitiveness is not affected? First, clear the planned layoffs. Make clear plan before you save the human cost, thus Juan to calculate well lay off many employees can guarantee normal running of the axial piston natural gas booster pump enterprises can still profit at the same time. Second, calculate good jobs. Axial piston pump layoffs don't take it for granted to cut at random, according to order Zha gradually cut according to quantity. Again, take appropriate downsizing mechanism. Staff who doesn't want to cut cut who, so inevitably bring Juan industry employees. So formulate corresponding evolution mechanism, let go of employees take orally Ba is a way. That would both increase has the potential of employees work ability, and can be less kuai employees reasonable out. Axial piston pump enterprises can take the performance of the system, namely, annual production capacity, sales of delete line above can continue to retain, tong can be eliminated. Later, give appropriate subsidies. In axial piston pump companies allowed within the scope of financial funds to be cut properly Jue member subsidies, it will reflect the axial plunger pump the humanities concern of the enterprise. In early 2016, a new wave of layoffs, again a lot of axial plunger pump companies began layoffs. Samsung also meter butterfly farm to 9% of the employees. Samsung the operating profit in the second quarter of 2015 compared with the same period fell 38 pupa samsung's market value decreased by $44 billion. At the same time the shipment is also compared with the same period to reduce well 4 million units, market share into a downward trend. In order to further reduce controllable cost, increase the market competition system of the xian samsung also take layoffs to control operating costs. Fixed assets is the cost of running the axial plunger natural gas booster pump is one big key. In fact, to spend money to buy fixed Hong production is not a good thing. First, fixed assets takes up a lot of money, the money is not used for any other purposes, so the cost of caused great waste. Second, fixed assets, itself is depreciation, regardless of whether or not to use, its price will reduce gradually, and with the passage of time, the depreciation price is higher and higher. Once again, often idle fixed assets, itself is a waste of resources. After, in the new technology, fixed assets also need to undertake the corresponding new can adapt the development of the current technology, otherwise easy to rapid elimination, but in the process of new and maintenance also need to spend money. As a result, the axial plunger pump manufacturers spend a sum of money to buy fixed assets is not cost-effective, axial plunger pump manufacturers need to aggressively cut off this part of purchase cost. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump, axial plunger pump equipment
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