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The installation of axial piston pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-08
Axial piston pump manufacturer can two to work. Input shaft and output shaft of the plunger pump means less suffer from the bias of outside force, so the device when the coupling of not too close together, are not allowed to use the hammer coupling. Axial piston pump and coupling joint involvement, shall be the common secondary clearance. The coupling keyway workingman, according to the axle hole is poor and diameter, drilling, tapping a M6 - M10mm imitation of the edge of the threaded hole, guard against coupling with screw top died channeling. The rigid adjacent (1) such as acceptance of shaft sleeve, the prime motor shaft and the pump shaft, the two Central Line of the shaft alignment deviation should be controlled in 0. Within 5 mm. If the elastic coupling adjacent, axiality deviation is 0. About 1 mm. Two axes angular deviation control at 0. 5 or less. (2) the axial piston pump are not allowed to directly with V belt or chain wheel drive, when necessary, to accept the situation indirectly, plunger pump shaft extension is still in coupling with the input shaft coupling connection. (3) the rotation of the axial piston gas booster pump bias, no abnormal requirements, factory factory of pump is clockwise to operate. (4) the axial plunger pump placement position should be careful, in the back of the pump should be set aside certain space, easy to remove the inspection. (5) the axial plunger pump self-priming ability is poorer, when the pump is placed near the tank hard, should be below the oil level, make the hydraulic oil to fill into the pump, is beneficial to the operation of the pump. If limited to conditions, hydraulic gas booster pump to tank top, its oil suction height shall not be greater than the low oil level 500 mm. 6 plunger pump oil suction mouth, want to put line gap type oil filter, filtration precision should be 30 ~ 50 microns; In the system of the return pipe road to liquid filtration precision is 10 ~ 20 microns of oil return oil filter. As the layout of the radial piston pump is usually preferred shaft or CAM type two kinds, is divided into three plunger or 6 plunger, the pump flow for valve type, and the anti-pollution ability is stronger, and there are certain self-priming ability. Things of this kind of pump pressure slightly higher than that of axial piston pump, the flow rate is smaller than force, is determined by its layout. Radial piston pump group layout, than in resettlement placement example of axial piston pump is much simple. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger gas booster pump manufacturers
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