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furious locals fear ed sheeran’s ‘wildlife pond’ will actually be used as a swimming pool-SuncenterEnglish

furious locals fear ed sheeran’s ‘wildlife pond’ will actually be used as a swimming pool

by:Suncenter     2020-09-16
Ed Sheeran\'s angry neighbor claimed the singer\'s pond could be used as his pool
Friends who came to the party
The pop singer once offered a home for frogs, new fish and dragonflies in the pond at Suffolk Manor.
Now, there is a dock in the pond that can dive down, the steps leading to the water, and a wooden caravan-which could be a dressing room.
The original planning application in 2016 described the pond as \"supporting conservation of nature . . . . . . Provide natural habitat for breeding and wetland mammals such as dragonflies and water beetles, as well as a source of drinking water for birds and mammals \".
Officials also said it could not have any other use and specifically banned \"recreational activities such as swimming \".
Last year, however, East Suffolk approved the steps of the dock and \"being able to access the pond in maintenance and emergency situations.
Angry locals believe the facilities will use the pond as a \"natural pool \".
These types of swimming pools are priced at around £ 120,000 and are popular among the rich who want to better integrate into the garden.
Hilan\'s neighbor, Tony Robinson, told the Daily Mail: \"I believe that the development of the website is more about creating an environment for \'wild life\' than the actual \'wild life.
Kerry and Carol Kate had previously complained about loud music from the singer\'s property, adding: \"The so-called
Now the pond known as the wildlife pond looks more like a pool, which is a little different from the app.
\"The pond is in a field and the work is carried out by a company called Gartenart-which claims to be\" the leading provider of swimming pools and natural swimming pools in the UK \".
The sun has reached out to a representative of Hilan for comment.
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