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How to reduce the oil pump units in operation of the noise produced in the process?

by:Suncenter     2020-09-03
power plant unit defrost summer atmosphere electricity source pump unit operation of the heating, summer is a big achievement when outdoor temperature is low, the outdoor heat exchanger fin surface frost, ( Need to adopt defrosting measures) 。 According to the literature excerpts, after two years of field tracing test, the result is a defrosting loss about the energy consumption of oil pump electric unit lost 10. Methods of defrosting control of 2%, and the achievement, about 27% of the defrost function is in the fin surface frost is not serious, do not need to enter the defrost defrost cycle. Some methods commonly used at present, more or less there are some achievements, such as unnecessary defrost move, or need to defrost and sometimes not a flag lights and other ills. Literatures of defrosting time control and large amount of average heating control methods of defrosting, theoretically quite interesting, but more difficult to achieve. Oil pump in the operation of the power unit in the sound, some belong to abnormal condition, some belong to a abnormal condition, for the abnormal noise, to find out the reason cause, eliminate in a timely manner. Cause the abnormal noise of co2 transfer pump power unit for the following reasons cause: 1, mechanical reasons cause: bearing character does not conform to cry or damage; power unit is not suitable for the static parts of the gap, cause friction; Shaft twist caused by internal friction; No damage to the sparse; Oil co2 transfer pump electrical units fall into foreign body inside, etc. 2, motor reasons cause: most of the oil pump power plant if use head is lower than rated head is more, beyond the specified value, the flow of oil co2 transfer pump power plant will exceed the rating, lead to motor current is large, intense vibration motor and heat. 3, fluid reasons cause: such as, oil pump electric unit inlet flow is insufficient, cavitation, noises; In the pump inlet pipeline WoQi, cause water hammer, the thrum of attacks, etc. Key words: oil pump electric unit price, oil pump power plant USES, pump power plant model
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