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Plunger pump is a good tool to dredge pipeline

by:Suncenter     2020-08-27
Pipe is blocked is a troublesome work, normal production and life. In might one day all of a sudden attack, day soon affect the yield and attack this kind of condition, dredge pipe is a very urgent work in time. Axial plunger natural gas booster pump and high pressure cleaning is a great tool to dredge pipes, take advantage of it have ways and tips. First, to clarify the pipe is blocked by what kinds of things usually have so few classes: class 1 obstruction is grease, soap residue, the primary attack in the kitchen and bath water pipe, then I will apply the dredging machine with high pressure cleaning machine, will reach the good; 2 obstruction is mud, mortar, etc. , the primary attack in the head of road, this is also to contact use dredging machine and high pressure cleaning equipment; Branches, roots and weeds were 3 obstruction, etc. , the first attack on the main line, the demand with dredging machine can only four obstruction is hair, silk ribbon object, the primary attack in the kitchen, bath and toilet local pipeline, it is to relate dredging machine and high pressure cleaning equipment used to root out clean. Pipeline dredging machine have so several types: one is the drum wheel dredge machine, wire rope length is fixed, and placed in a piston pump inside the drum. This machine is characterized by low speed, high torque, wire structure is compact, used for transmitting torque. Second, segmental type dredging machine, each section of the wire rope length is shorter, use when connected to the requirements of the length of the long, is characterized by high speed, low torque, wire rope loose structure, relatively sensitive, it's like a drill the same high-speed operation to remove the obstruction. Wire is also divided into several types: 1 round wire, suitable for through thin pipe, through the corners, high-speed wire clean wall effect extremely good. 2 tight around the wire, the wire can use useful strength to dredge pipe head, can have a big effort to remove plug plugging variable piston pump manufacturer. 3 solid wire, which can supply good torque transmission, also can prevent corrosion, can be useful to avoid the knot, convenient operation and use. High pressure cleaning equipment operation way I has introduced many tricks, are more simple and convenient, here is to eliminate the first introduction of dredging machine operation methods and tips. One is for sectional type dredging machine operation, operation process, if the wire is entangled in obstruction, able to pull it back some, continue to unblock with normal speed. Meet with obstruction, put forward wire out, a distance, to make it and nozzle form must have the radian, reoccupy force down the wire, the torque transmission to the dredge head, such as simple to jam. If obstruction by freeing up more forward in two the cable to dredge a metre long, to guarantee the pipe blockage has been completely open. Recycling, the wire from the pipe with high pressure water constantly flush pipe, such already can wash away the obstruction, and able to wash clean in two the cable. The second is for drum wheel dredge plunger natural gas booster pump operation, all dredging operations, always want to use hand on wire firmly in control. Operation of dredging drum wheel dredging machine, pay attention to the experience of the wire rope movement condition, avoid foul, avoid rendering knot trouble condition. Should always make the machine forward, whether to send out the wire is still recycle wire, this is abnormal note 3 it is to pay attention to fresh contact with high pressure cleaning machine, this also is to have land 'rise high pressure cleaning equipment for pipeline cleaning effect' makes the plunger natural gas booster pump two machine equipment, be bring out the best in each other's good effect. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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