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The axial plunger pump classification comparison

by:Suncenter     2020-08-13
Axial piston pump manufacturer _ classification comparison and development trend of axial piston gas booster pump according to the method of current distribution, axial piston pump/motor can be divided into valve may or flow and transverse flow, but the valve with flow because completed by one-way valve with flow, stepless variable difficult, self-priming ability is poor, irreversible, so its use less and less, this article will do not make detailed introduction. In terms of end face with flow, can be divided into oblique disc and shaft. Because of the inclined shaft gas booster pump/motor Angle is bigger than the swash plate pump/motor, can reach 40 °, and therefore as a hydraulic motor start effect is good and large output torque. But its complex structure, poor manufacturability, and means the streams and rivers to complete shaft structure, combined with variable structure is complex, make it as a hydraulic pump used in the field of modern hydraulic cutting. Swash plate pump in addition to the swash plate Angle slightly smaller than the oblique pump, other aspects have been good comprehensive performance. This article will also be focusing on the swash plate gas booster pump end the introduction. In recent years, the development trend of the axial piston pump displays the following some new characteristics. ( 1) High and low pressure is the development direction of axial piston pump/motor. This means that the progress of the power density, and allows it to be perhaps or directly with the matching engine, double the convenient use. ( 2) Both quantitative and variable inclined shaft of the motor, because starting performance is good, and the characteristics of the torque is big, has a good prospect. ( 3) Axial plunger pump light because capital is only next to 20% higher than that of vane pump, but the performance is higher than its many, can perhaps or and vane pump over competition, it is also a development direction of the axial piston pump [ 1] 。 ( 4) And electronic skills, complete a variety of control methods. Rexroth electronic pump start-up, complete the pressure flow over a clear system of closed sticking point. Other frequency conversion control in hydraulic elevator, injection molding machine, and other fields gradually began to use. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers selling
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