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The difference between evaporation under forced circulation pump and liquid pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-15
Evaporation forced circulation pump self-priming centrifugal pump, it has compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long service life, and have strong self-priming capacity, etc. Line does not need to install the bottom valve, only to ensure storage in pump body before work are quantitative liquid. Different liquid evaporation can use different material forced circulation pump. Submerged pump is suitable for the long-term transport any concentration of strong acid, strong alkali, salt, antioxidant and other corrosive medium. A new type of submerged gas booster pump for conveying of lightweight inflammable and explosive materials, have the characteristics of free maintenance, explosion-proof, low energy consumption; The traditional submerged pump its shell, head, outlet pipe and flow components in plastic alloy (all 聚四氟乙烯、聚全氟乙丙烯) Moulding and sintering, pump host part of all placed within the liquid, with strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, no oxidation, no toxin decomposition characteristics. Below we specific know the evaporation under forced circulation pump and liquid gas booster pump difference and vertical submerged pump common problems. The characteristics of the submerged pump can be further will need the following transmission media, low transmission. Structure is adopted long axis cantilever structure. Within 2 meters in liquid depth under the need to try to control, more than the efficiency declined dramatically. But the problem of submerged pump is the whole axis for flexible shaft, in the process of conveying medium, bearing constantly by uneven wear, wear too much lead to bearing the shaking, then add to the bearing wear a vicious circle. So the damage of the submerged pump has been very high failure rate. And wear high components are below the medium for the most part, therefore remove the inconvenience to repair. Evaporation forced circulation pump developed may say is a reformation of the original delivery system. The first is the cancel the long axis of submerged pump, pump together with the bearing all abandoned a troublemaker. Second evaporation forced circulation pump of the main parts are on the ground, no mechanical part structure under medium. So the daily maintenance and maintenance are become very fast and convenient. And then has a lot to improve on the head, forced circulation pump of the evaporation big suction can reach 7 meters ( The special structure will be higher) , compared to a submerged pump has a qualitative leap. Principle of evaporation forced circulation pump adopt unique patent impeller and separation plate of compulsory gas liquid separation process and finish inhaling its appearance, size, weight, similar to the pipeline pump efficiency. Evaporation forced circulation pump doesn't need bottom valve, vacuum valve, gas separator and other auxiliary equipment. Normal production start without irrigation fluid, strong self-priming capacity, can replace the current widespread use of submerged pump, Low liquid pump) , as a separator and other auxiliary equipment, the tanker pump, the suction pump and motor pump. Evaporation forced circulation pump another advantage, or features in the pump cavity filled with lead liquid, can be directly quoted medium into the pump (empty Idle time not more than 7 minutes) 。 To avoid the accident because of wrong operation cause idling burning motor, greatly reduce the risk of use, also increased the evaporation efficiency of the use of forced circulation pump.
hydraulic pressure pump gas booster processes have been widely used to produce hydraulic pressure pump such as hydraulic pressure pump, hydraulic pressure pump, and hydraulic pressure pump etc.
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