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The gage pressure engine can be acceptable

by:Suncenter     2020-09-07
Gage pressure engine may be acceptable, and is still only at a connecting rod 5 psi pressure, this will fail under high load. Pressure is actually produced by engine oil flow resistance. Therefore, the oil pressure can change during operation, and temperature, engine speed, as well as wear and tear on the engine. Cooler oil temperature will lead to high pressure, because oil is thicker, and the higher engine speed can make the pump running faster, and promote more oil through the engine. Due to the change of the temperature when the engine cold start and normal high engine speed, engine starting when the oil pressure is higher than normal working temperature is normal, normal working temperature is usually between 30 to 45 psi. Excessive pressure will bring the engine does not need to work, even for the system will increase the air. To protect oil pressure does not exceed the rated value, the larger the pump power unit manufacturer if pressure exceeds the preset limit, spring loaded relief valve will transfer the extra pressure to the suction side of the pump, or directly back to the oil sump tank. Oil pressure is too high as a result of the front or the back of the main engine seals will be blown out or blown out of the oil plug. In other words, may enter the crankcase seal will be blown away. High pressure usually mean cold start when the pressure is very high, but this is a design flaw, rather than high pressure results automatically. Watch 'if you increase the high pressure, high cold pressing' is accurate, but didn't mean to. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil co2 transfer pump electric unit price, the oil co2 transfer pump electric structure unit
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