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To prevent the pump speed method is what

by:Suncenter     2020-08-06
Variable plunger pump is usually used for liquid transfer and injection operation. These directly by the installation of the spray pump or gas booster pump hydraulic motor drive. Common is hydraulic drive centrifugal spray pump. The advantages of the hydraulic pump include provide high-pressure jet ( More than 100 PSI) And able to work well in high temperature or low temperature, and does not require that requires repeated refueling and maintenance of gas or diesel engine. Gear pump of hydraulic driving centrifugal pump and the engine driven pump is also economic, exception is in cases of large size. Hydraulic pump ( Usually from truck or tractor hydraulic system) Through the high voltage supply hose ( Is usually between 2000 and 3000 PSI) The hydraulic oil to the hydraulic motor pump. 'Return' hose from hydraulic motor back to the truck or tractor hydraulic tank. It is important not to make these types of pump on the hydraulic motor speed. This is due to the hydraulic motor with high flow of hydraulic oil, and may damage the motor and pump bearings and seals. To prevent the pump speed method is to make the motor on the pump flow and hydraulic system of the traffic on the truck or tractor matching. Many of the variable piston gas booster pump manufacturer for this purpose, to provide specific pump two or three different hydraulic motor. Flow-limiting valve can restrict access to the oil flow rate of the motor to help prevent the hydraulic motor. Keywords: variable plunger pump manufacturer wholesale, variable piston pump manufacturer, in jiangsu qidong variable plunger pump manufacturers
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