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How to reduce the amount of debris flows through the engine

by:Suncenter     2020-09-03
In measure oil pick up screen hole about 0. 4 inches square ( 0. 26 cm 2) 。 The size of the hole can only pick up the larger pieces and allows many of the smaller debris flows through it. The screen hole is too big, Relative to the fragments) , because under low temperature and slow the engine speed, oil is very thick, need large openings to flow freely. Even with these big holes on the screen, it will still be blocked and result in low oil pressure. On the screen. 005 inch thick ( 0. 13 mm) Coating hole size can be reduced to about 0. 03 square inches ( 0. 2)19厘米 , so that the oil flow rate reduced by 44%. power plant structure even after the through oil suction filter and oil filter, debris will remain in oil. In the oil and oil filter is very important, to minimize the amount of debris flows through the engine. In high mileage engine, the harmful particles and the normal engine wear, leading to gaps between bearings and other moving parts. Low oil pressure may probably because didn't have a lot of oil in the tank, because the fuel ( Usually caused by the piston ring wear or valve seal wear) Or leaks. Piston ring is used to seal the combustion chamber, as well as from cylinder wall to remove oil. However, when they wear, their effectiveness to drop, the oil in the cylinder wall during combustion. In some engines, burning a small amount of oil is normal, does not cause alarm, and burn a lot of oil indicates engine may need an overhaul. Key words: oil co2 transfer pump power plant manufacturers, oil co2 transfer pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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