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No self-priming pump seal water slow reason is what

by:Suncenter     2020-08-28
No self-priming pump seal of choose and buy must pay attention to the differences of different specifications, you will find that it is not the same specifications in use process, can exceed the expected effect is not the same, all include some of the enterprise, we have a lot of will he would use some of the goods, so everyone in no self-priming pump seal selection process, for its manufacturing raw materials, all will have certain request, so in the choose and buy, for such difficulties, are always pay attention to. No seal operation steps of self-priming pump seal self-priming pump is a naturally aspirated water pump motor, it has the alkali pump has a compact structure, convenient operation, smooth operation, maintenance easily, high efficiency, long service life, and have strong professional self-priming capacity, etc. No seal self-priming pump pipe road without bottom valve pump installation, self-priming sewage pump at work just before a qualitative analysis of lead liquid pump body stored will be able to. Different liquid is blocked sewage pump self-priming sewage pump adopts different raw materials no self-priming pump seal. No self-priming pump seal water because of the slow what is 1, the sealing problem of self-priming pump into the water slowly is how to return a responsibility also have will be install applications, change numerous self-priming pump seal moisture absorption increased piping specifications to specifications, for increasing the line inside the gas will change much, and will cause no self-priming natural gas booster pump seal adsorption force to reduce to a certain extent, as with the mouth suck a small plastic straws and a big plastic straw significantly! Basic principle of tubular adsorption force. 2, because there is no self-priming pump seal moisture absorption line has a steam leakage condition customer not aware of, such as pipeline connection, looping flange head, quick connection-peg thru and other regions have very weak leakage situation, is is no self-priming pump seal water is very slow, so before installing line on both sides of the line completely sealed well as far as possible, then pressure or suction air pipeline pressure test whether have leakage point, shut down again with ears close to the suspicion of the steam leakage area inside, listen to whether have send file a breathing the white noise. 3, because the sales market competition is intense with many manufacturers have no seal self-priming pump pump shell do is relatively small, that can reduce costs, pump casing decreases after no self-priming pump seal storage, in which are very few, their ability to work without seal self-priming pump naturally aspirated is generally smaller and without giving sufficient thought to improve update naturally aspirated feature, it will cause no self-priming pump seal naturally aspirated work ability have certain reduction.
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