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Pump motor overheating cause analysis

by:Suncenter     2020-08-21
power plant is first used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, power stations and the transfer of oil medium, and large mechanical equipment such as pressure, fuel eruption in thin oil loop, in all kinds of mechanical equipment can do smooth pump application. Motor overheating is oil pump units in operation process is often present question, detailed analyze the view is as follows: 1, using the scale ( Capacity and head) Cross pleaded with pump power plant project? Choose by series spectrum is suitable for motor 2, medium density across the oil pump electric motor unit equipment? Equipment suitable for great river pump power unit with motor 3, packing gland of mechanical seal spring adjustable pressure is too tight or too tight? From the adjustment of the gland or mechanical seal spring shrinkage of 4, poor quality of pump unit, there are conflicts or motor and natural gas booster pump shaft different heart? Check the equipment quality, clean equipment defect? Can about these conditions, one by one to do analysis, find out the real factors of motor overheating, in accordance with the corresponding defects, repair processing. A method, heat conduction oil pump motor bearing shell smooth change of motor bearing with oil slinger is smooth. But because the motor speed is not high, oil slinger is too heavy, the oil ring back in operation is not sensitive, and even get stuck. Therefore let's smooth methods are able to improve, on the bowl on the drill a hole, add a small pump, respectively to clamp down on bearing shell before and after the smooth, choose parallel method. Two elements, defect analysis view, the tile babbit black drop layer of peel exposed babbitt flat surface light, color bright, measuring drop layer about 3 mm thick. Check the tile, tile cried, babbitt layer thickness of about 2. 5 mm, which can deduce the process of bearing damage; Under tile because certain elements is high temperature melting, liquid alloy rotor take up tile after smooth oil cooling, accumulation in the tile surface, constitutes a black babbitt drops layer, and the oil hole plug. Looks like the tile is high temperature causes. To further analyze the thought, the elements of a tile overload is heating up. Tile overload and timber, oil film is damaged, shaft and tile surface metal touch, babbitt melts in the high temperature dry conflict. Check the coupling of motor and tightening device for situations found in crankshaft backrest wheel motor back wheel tighter than the machine above 0. More than 6 mm. But in the previous repair, motor slightly low, clarify tightening machine down. In two months ago, protect personnel inspection found when tightening machine body tremors, tighten the anchor bolts, able to move is to clarify questions. From the above situation can distinguish the defect was from tightening machine trace sinking the crankcase, crankshaft is lower than the motor shaft, the motor shaft exert downward force, make motor under the front axle tile overload. Key words: oil pump electric unit price, oil pump power plant USES, pump power plant model
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