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Pump power plant are helped in the equipment operation

by:Suncenter     2020-08-22
By drilling a port in the pump/motor shell, and install allows the discharge of transmission line, leakage from pump shell and packet returned, can reduce the shaft seal or casing failure. The common name of a transmission line is 'drainage pump shell' line. In the failure of hydraulic components, historical analysis. Under the condition of the pump/motor shell pressure problem, we need the question to ask is 'how long problem? 'For example, if the problem is suspected cases stress, problems, or shortly after, the pump/motor was commissioned, the question is' inherent '. Don't be fooled by environmental temperature. If the machine is delivered in the spring, and suspicious of shell stress problems, it still may be a design problem. If discharge tubing road back to the hydraulic oil tank by heat exchanger shell, if heat exchanger has not been equipped with a thermostat or bypass valve. Hydraulic natural gas booster pump or natural gas booster pump fluid is to transfer energy from the moving parts to the device by fluid pumping equipment. Added to the pump energy supplement of the velocity and pressure of the fluid. power plant are helped by equipment operation and provide the fluid into the energy for the desired direction. And any other equipment or machinery, need regular maintenance of hydraulic pump, with its components to efficiency. of the moving mechanical parts used from a specific source of energy, such as using motor electrical work in the form of mechanical energy to provide it. Hydraulic pump work in two different ways; The role of the mechanical pump at the entrance of the vacuum, allowing air pressure will flow from the storage drive to the entrance of the pump. Second, the role of the mechanical pump fluid conveying to export parts and push it through the hydraulic system. You should know the function of the pump will produce liquid flow or movement; will not produce pressure. Keywords: oil natural gas booster pump working principle of the power plant, the oil pump electricity unit price, the oil pump unit electrical principle
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