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Pump transforms the mechanical energy of prime mover and why

by:Suncenter     2020-08-21
Axial piston pump manufacturer said when you can as less as possible waste heat converting your input energy into usable power, you are on the right track. will be prime mover's mechanical energy into hydraulic energy in the form of pressure and flow rate. If I choose a component you open funds, that is pump. Axial piston pump, especially high quality natural gas booster pump, in terms of the input energy into hydraulic energy efficiency can reach 95%. This natural gas booster pump than our old pump not only provides 27% of the available hydraulic energy, it produces heat than it decreased by 80%, reduce or eliminate the cooling requirements. Efficient pump not only helps to increase efficiency, and the design of efficient also brings miracle. If the fixed displacement pump flow controller, unused fluid will be wasted. For example, even though our fixed piston pump efficiency of 95%, 9 10 gallons per minute given in theory. 5注。 If your downstream flow control valve is set to 5 GPM priority, will be 4. 5 GPM bypass to the fuel tank. However, 9. 5 GPM is still under pressure from the whole system, and dumping to the tank will loss because of the heat. So, now we are 95% efficient pump is helping to create a low efficiency of 50% of the system. In order to solve this problem, to create a pressure compensation. Pressure compensation pump set for a particular standby pressure, when the pressure is reached, the pump to reduce flow, fell to below the standby pressure until the downstream pressure. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturer contact way, axial piston pump manufacturer company address, remove the axial plunger natural gas booster pump manufacturer
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