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Teach you in the variable piston pump shell cracking when do the specific measures

by:Suncenter     2020-08-29
Teach you in the variable piston natural gas booster pump manufacturer shell cracking when do the variable piston pump factory is the use of the specific measures for parallel to the shaft of plunger movement across the plunger hole between volume generated by the change to finish work. Variable plunger pump manufacturer by piston movement across the plunger cavity between, change the plunger cavity to the realization of product oil suction and discharge of oil content, is a positive displacement pump, plunger for variable plunger pump manufacturer, sliding boots, oil distribution plate cylinder is an important department, and plunger is one of the important mechanical parts. Manufacturer of variable plunger pump shell cracking solution: 1. A new pump up first, province influence childbirth, constitute a large economic loss; 2. Contact manufacturer, let the manufacturer to come as soon as possible to the delivery pump for appraisal, given conclusions; 3. After a new natural gas booster pump to pump gas, first to fill up for the new pump and surface atmosphere, the damage to the pump; 4. Check the pump leak oil mouth can suffocate, to assure leakage has open, back pressure is small; 5. Other project inspection, such as tank of liquid level, overflow valve cause fatigue failure of important components including: number of load cycles; Single cycle change of internal stress amplitude; Single cycle average stress; The existence of stress concentration. When calculating the measure of the life cycle of a department of consumption, more than a formal fatigue assessment involves a component. Returning the oil pressure is not achievement, if the oil pressure is too large, will at least reduce the motor torque, won't produce shell cracking, can perhaps can check a drainage pipeline flow ( Should be a pick up in the high places of the motor on a hose) , it may be that drainage tubing have choking phenomenon. Keywords: axial variable piston pump manufacturers, hydraulic variable plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger natural gas booster pump manufacturers
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