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The age of the Internet cut costs in axial piston pump manufacturer of seven big knife method-SuncenEnglish

The age of the Internet cut costs in axial piston pump manufacturer of seven big knife method

by:Suncenter     2020-09-10
Into the information age, especially in the Internet age, information asymmetry, leading to a big increase in operating costs, but trading in low profit quickly fix j, in this case, in order to further increase competitiveness in the market, on the one hand can do effective open source, and to implement throttling is important, so effective cost control is crucial. Here, we introduce the Internet age seven big knife to cut costs, thus effectively control into scope of benzene. 'Cut' purchasing cost cut down purchasing axial plunger pump manufacturer cost is an important task in the procurement department of cut purchase cost and, therefore, should be geared to the needs of suppliers and supply market. Traditional axial plunger pump enterprise purchase cost increase to profit, the main reason is the supplier structure existence malpractice, the specific performance in the following respects: ( 1) Understanding of the importance of supplier relationship management have defects; ( 2) Lack of strategic thinking on procurement strategy; ( 3) Purchasing management system and the imperfection of the process; ( 4) A fine is not widely used information technology; ( 5) The imperfection of the incentive and constraint mechanism; ( 6) Supplier selection and evaluation system is not perfect. Aiming at these shortcomings, the age of the Internet of axial piston pump enterprise needs to take corresponding measures, to cut costs. ( 1) Optimizing the structure of the overall supplier and supply the supporting system of the traditional axial plunger co2 transfer pump manufacturer and supplier relationship is often market trading relationships, partnerships, strategic alliances, the relationship between the backward integration. But these relationships in the Internet age has been gradually thistle sublimation and shift, supply and demand cooperation degree is higher, the better, but with the current trend of cooperation and wok idea transformation, the traditional single supplier is no longer a kind of structure. Therefore; Multi-level structure suppliers become a kind of innovation. (1) regular suppliers of this type of suppliers is a quiet simple purchase transaction type of suppliers, for the purpose of purchasing once the deal ends, the partnership is terminated. Axial piston pump manufacturer, a long term cooperative relationship with this supplier does not exist I mainly through its price advantage to reduce the axial plunger pump their own costs. (2) priority supplier is still trading as main purpose, but accordingly with short-term contracts ( The contract can be met for about a year) Quality control, common between both sides. Axial piston pump enterprises on the selection strategy for process optimization kind guide, with the industry to catch up with the performance evaluation and supply ratio regulation as the means. Axial piston pump enterprises can choose the single lever a priority supplier, but also a similar materials shall be allocated to the supplier's competitors, both to ensure their access to material adequacy, and can make various suppliers through competitive spring contain each other, thus in the protection of the axial piston pump enterprise security of supply at the same time, also can avoid the conflict between supply and demand relationship. (3) the partnership of strategic alliance suppliers of strategic alliance is the purpose of through mutual cooperation form strategic alliances, and in order to target their common interests and common development. ( 2) Evolution - on some existing suppliers, new supplier Method, in order to reduce the purchasing cost here include original suppliers and through the supply market research methods such as looking for suppliers to add excellent new enzymes. Through the way of bidding procurement, from various factors, Product quality, delivery efficiency, historical performance. Product quotation, flexible, geographic location, etc. ) Comprehensive consideration, and the corresponding evaluation method is used to judge the merits of the DE should be business, in order to select good suppliers as long-term cooperation supplier. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump, axial plunger pump equipment
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