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The use of pressure axial piston pump manufacturer

by:Suncenter     2020-08-10
Axial piston pump manufacturer to apply pressure usually should be between 10 mpa to 100 mpa. It belongs to positive displacement pump, with operations in the cavity volume periodic change to achieve the intention of the delivery of liquid; Prime mover's mechanical energy directly into the pump can transport liquid pressure; The capacity of the pump depends only on the operation cavity volume change value and the number of change in the unit time, theoretically has nothing to do with the discharge pressure. Reciprocating pump is depending on the reciprocating movement of the piston in cylinder cavity ( Or through the gap, corrugated pipe and other flexible components in periodic elastic deformation homework cavity) To make operation of periodic change in cavity volume. On the structure, the axial plunger pump cavity is sealed with equipment manufacturer homework from isolation with the outside world, through the gas booster pump valve ( The suction valve and discharge valve) Communicate with line or closed. High pressure reciprocating pump is a reciprocating pump has a wide applicable scope. Its first used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fertilizer industry as process pump, oil field, salt mine as injection pumps, construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, such as high pressure cleaning descaling, steel pipes, pressure vessels as testing pump, pump, etc. So widely applicable scope first originated from its features. High pressure reciprocating pump features: 1, the axial plunger pump manufacturers of discharge pressure has nothing to do with the structure size and speed. Big discharge pressure is determined by the power of the gas booster pump, only strength and sealing function. Motor reciprocating pump flow has nothing to do with the exhaust pressure simply, just when the pressure is higher, because the liquid contained in the gas dissolved in the liquid, the valve and packing leakage, the pump flow is slightly changed. Thus, the reciprocating pump can't use the outlet valve closed approach to regulate traffic. Close the discharge valve, may be formed by exhaust pressure surge of pump motor overload or damaged. 2, reciprocating pump with self-priming ability. Reciprocating pump before need not fill pump, liquid can self suck man. But the actual use is still expected to fluid in the pump cylinder, on the one hand, can promptly absorb liquid, on the other hand to prevent the piston and the pump cylinder and plunger ( The piston rod) Dry confrontation with packing to reduce wear and tear. Reciprocating pump absorption ability and speed, speed the progress, not only increase activity loss, and loss of inertia increases, forming the pump cylinder suction pressure drop. When the pump cylinder pressure is lower than the liquid gasification, some will start within the cylinder liquid vaporization, filled with the pump suction degree decline, and even in cavitation. Cavitation serious when will lead to water hammer, parts of pump is damaged, shorten the service life of pump. 3, the instantaneous flow pulsation, uniform flow is constant value. Because the liquid medium in the reciprocating pump suction and discharge process is replaced, and piston ( Or plunger) In the process of displacement speed and in constant change. In as long as a pump cylinder, - 102 - Quantity change with time, and is not in succession. Phase of resettlement of multi-cylinder gas booster pump, cylinder is reasonable, can cut the instantaneous flow pulsation in the discharge line ups and downs, but the instantaneous flow ripple is not to prevent, in theory, can think flow has nothing to do with the drainage pressure, and has nothing to do with the characteristics of the liquid. Intermittent output, single cylinder pump centrifugal pump is better than even, but because of the liquid is 'a crock of a cylinder, so can be used for measuring the amount of fluid conveying. 4, fluid power pump with safety of characteristics. Applicable to fire, explosion, without power outage repair and operation occasion. 5, and flow rate can be accurately measured. Reciprocating pump flow can use regulate organization accurate measurement, such as metering pump. 6, motor reciprocating pump is suitable for conveying high pressure, small flow rate. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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