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The working principle of the vortex pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-29
Vortex pump 1, the advantages of W single-stage direct-connect vortex pump is used for pumping water or physical and chemical properties similar to water in the liquid, using liquid temperature less than 60, commonly used in boiler feed water of form a complete set, in shipbuilding, textile, chemical, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, aquaculture, fixed fire control voltage, heat exchange unit and remote sprinkler irrigation agriculture departments have a wide range of applications. 2, vortex pump, the characteristics of small volume, light weight has great superiority in ship device. Has a self-priming ability or by using a simple device to achieve self-priming. 3, has a steep fall in the lift characteristic curve, therefore, is not sensitive to the system pressure fluctuations. Certain vortex pump can achieve gas-liquid mixing to lose. This for pumping gas containing volatile liquid vaporization pressure and high temperature liquid has the vital significance. 4, vortex pump has simple structure, casting and processing technology is easy to implement, some of the vortex pump parts can also use the non-metallic materials, such as plastic, nylon molded impeller. The disadvantage of vortex natural gas booster pump 1, low efficiency, high no more than 55%, most of the efficiency of the vortex pump in 20 - 40%, it hinders its development in the direction of high power. 2, the vortex pump cavitation performance is poorer. 3, vortex pump cannot be used for pumping viscous medium. Because with the increase of liquid viscosity, pump lift and efficiency will be drastically reduced, medium viscosity limit within 114 li stoke. 4, the vortex natural gas booster pump impeller and pump body of the radial clearance and axial clearance between require stricter bring some difficulties in machining and assembly process. 5, pumping medium is limited to pure liquid. When the solid particles in the liquid, will be caused by the wear of the axial and radial clearance increases and degrade the performance of the pump or cause vortex pump can't work.
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