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Variable plunger pump mechanical classification

by:Suncenter     2020-09-04
Variable plunger pump manufacturer structure mainly there are eccentric wheel, piston, spring, cylinder block, two one-way valve. Formed between the piston and cylinder hole closed volume. Fortress under eccentric rotating column a reciprocating motion, downward movement of oil absorption, oil discharge upward movement. Every turn a turn from the oil pump volume called displacement, displacement is only related to the structure parameters of the pump. Horizontal horizontal plunger co2 transfer pump plunger pump is composed of several plunger ( General for 3 or 6) Tied for installation, with 1 crankshaft by connecting rod slider or directly by the eccentric shaft drive plunger reciprocating motion, to realize hydraulic pump suction and discharge the liquid. They also use the valve type valve device, and most of the quantitative pump. Coal mine hydraulic support system of emulsion pump is generally horizontal plunger pump. Emulsion pump used in coal mining working face, and to provide emulsion for hydraulic support, the work principle by doing the rotation of the crankshaft drives the piston reciprocating motion, fluid absorption and drainage. Axis type axial piston pump ( English name: Pistonpump) Is a piston or plunger reciprocating motion direction parallel to the axis of plunger pump and cylinder center. Axial piston pump using parallel to the shaft of plunger in the plunger hole reciprocating motion generated by the volume change for work. Because of the plunger and plunger hole are circular parts, when processing, can achieve high precision, thus high volumetric efficiency direct axis swashplate plunger pump can be divided into direct axis swashplate pressure type drainage and imbibition oil type two kinds. Pressure oil supply type hydraulic pump are mostly adopts high pressure tank, by pressure of the hydraulic oil tank, after each to start the machine, such as hydraulic stains box to use pneumatic, to operate machinery. If less than start the machine when the pressure of the hydraulic oil tank, the hydraulic pump and sliding boots pulled off phenomenon, can cause return plate in the pump body and linking piece of abnormal wear. Radial radial piston pump can be divided into the valve with flow and axial flow two kinds big. Valve with radial piston pump shortcomings of high failure rate and low efficiency. In the 70 s and 80 s axial radial piston pump with flow to overcome the deficiency of the valve with radial piston pump. Because of the characteristic of the radial pump structure, fixed shaft with radial piston pump than the axial plunger pump impact resistance, long service life, high control precision. Variables short stroke of the pump is under the effect of variable plunger and limit plunger, the change of the stator eccentricity, and is due to the large eccentricity of 5 - 9毫米( According to the displacement size is different) A short, the variable stroke. And variable mechanism design for the high pressure control, controlled by the control valve. So the response speed of the pump. Radial structure design of axial plunger pump overcomes such as sliding boots eccentric wear problem. Make its ability to resist shock rise significantly. Hydraulic piston pump by hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic oil tank, after each start the machine, such as hydraulic oil tank after reaching use air pressure, to operate machinery. Plunger pump can be divided into direct axis swashplate pressure oil supply type of imbibition oil type two kinds. Pressure oil supply type hydraulic pump pressure tank in most used, a hydraulic pump itself there is oil supplement offer hydraulic pump inlet pressure oil pump. Imbibition oil type hydraulic pump self-priming capacity is very strong, without external force oil supply. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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