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Dry sump also allows for more power

by:Suncenter     2020-08-31
It is usually located at the bottom of the engine, are usually located in the lower part and/or side of the crankshaft. On dry type engine oil pan, need at least two pumps: one for the pressure and the distribution of the oil around the engine parts, the other for discharge in the bottom of the engine oil 'remove pump'. Sometimes, the cleaning pump ( But not always) Located in the engine oil pan, and crucially, the cleaning of the pump flow capacity than the pressure of the pump, the pump on the engine oil pressure and allocation. Due to the external fuel tank dry sump, before oil through the engine reflux, excess air can escape oil. Dry sump pump power plant manufacturer also allows for more power, because they reduce the amount of wind resistance, oil floated into rotating components, as well as increased from back to pump vacuum sealing ring. Dry sump in racing applications more popular, because it can increase power and reduce oil sloshing, otherwise it will reduce the oil pressure. Dry sump disadvantage is that the weight increase, increase additional components, and leakage problems and opportunities. Circulation medium, the help of the primer or pump or auxiliary co2 transfer pump or temporary flushing oil co2 transfer pump, to establish a manufacturer recommended flow. Each should be used during the flushing lubrication oil pump and auxiliary pump. Will MOT exhaust of steam and oil heater is put into use. The oil temperature rise to 343 - 353 K, then stop heating oil. Once the oil temperature down to 313 - 323, could start heating oil K. Circulation is usually continuous, from time to time to stop and check and clean the temporary filter. Experience has shown that a few hours, in the early flush of foreign bodies were collected in the filter or temporary filter. During this period, when observed on the filter pressure drop increases, should clean up and change the filter. This situation can occur at every 15 minutes at the beginning again. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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