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Hydraulic oil pump power plant used in engineering field

by:Suncenter     2020-08-20
What are the different types of hydraulic pump? The hydraulic system to provide the energy transmission form. With the introduction of modern machinery, to provide the power demand driven by hydraulic energy; Usually choose hydraulic pump to improve efficiency and simplify the design. How does the hydraulic pump work? It can be described as the rotary or linear motion into hydraulic energy of the device. When the pump to exist, it will have a higher than when entering the speed and pressure. It is important to note that do not produce pressure pump, only produce flow, it can be done under high pressure. Hydraulic oil pump power units used in engineering field, which can provide a variety of design. Each type has different mechanism based on the same basic principle. So let's introduce some common type. They are easy to maintain and the economy. There are two basic types of internal gear and gear are positive displacement pump or a fixed displacement pump group. External natural gas booster pump gear meshing and the use of two oil on the outside of the gear drive. Pressure is common, but cast iron is designed to increase it to 320 bar. Straight teeth and helical gear gear has a low noise performance. Two helical screw shaft in common shell mesh each other, a shaft with a driver. Direction of fluid flow in a straight line through the pump, provide a fixed displacement output. Due to the continuous gear contact, screw pump is usually low noise. In the applications of viscosity increased, efficiency can be very low. The hydraulic natural gas booster pump can be fixed or variable displacement type. body seat, a rotating cylinder piston effect around its periphery. Piston and installed on the shaft end thrust plate into perspective. When the shaft rotates, the piston relative to the pump body, in turn, reciprocating motion. In order to change the pump displacement Angle of thrust plate, can be changed. Therefore the rotation amount of fluid movement at a time. Mechanical structure of the pump, and usually used in mobile machinery. Keywords: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump power plant use, oil pump electric unit price
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