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No seal self-priming pump operation instruction

by:Suncenter     2020-08-28
No seal valve accessories goods of self-priming pump is now very popular a kind of commodity, because this commodity has a very distinctive advantages, is the key of the following features: 1, no seal self-priming natural gas booster pump selection 'pump with various bad type suction filter sealing device', eliminate the traditional centrifugal pump packing seal, packing seal, seal, completely uniform 'run, run, drip, leak,' is replaced by a variety of long shaft submerged natural gas booster pump, submersible sewage natural gas booster pump, etc. The most ideal equipment. 2, possess excellent automatic control function, can be high and new technology industry and wide than automation technology supporting facilities. 3, operation in the whole process of sealing equipment no friction, no mo loss, life is about 10 times longer in the same industry. 4, little vibration, low noise, move to trot, tear open outfit is simple, easy to install, no need to foot fixed. Emigration mechanical pump 5, basic principle, naturally aspirated feature smooth, very is to choose 'dynamic gas pressure regulating valve', keep the real 'a drainage method, lifelong naturally aspirated'. Without seal self-priming pump operation instruction without sealing application advantages of self-priming pump in the traditional ferment industry probably divided into 6:1, environmental protection and energy saving: no self-priming pump seal than today's traditional steam heating has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. 2, environmental protection: no self-priming pump seal no harm of harmful light emissions, there is no global warming gas drainage. Noise is accord with environmental protection regulations. 3, security: the whole intelligent control, complete water and electricity engineering, no ZouDian risk, no poisoning, explosion risk. 4, be able to use the original places, processing technology, machinery and equipment, covering an area of small, weight is lighter, can move. More than five common fault, heating furnace, maintenance cost is big, after the application without seal self-priming pump heating furnace of ferment stage should not be used, can greatly alleviate furnace operation cost. 6, no seal self-priming pump current power supply and distribution system that conforms to requirements, not to carry out the line upgrading. No self-priming pump seal without steam, cooling circulating water, the water and steam pipe line don't have to repair. That is no seal the key characteristic of self-priming pump is introduced, hoping to help you.
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