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No seal self-priming pump suction means what?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-28
No seal self-priming pump suction means what? No seal self-priming pump is a kind of key centrifugal pump type. Is different from the booster pump, no seal self-priming pump can not suck up the water under the condition of pressure regulation, can be widely used in household water purification machine. The choose and buy without seal self-priming pump, customers will reportedly a parameter values: suction. What is the suction? How the key? Means no suction seal self-priming pump without water, can fully automatic sucked up the vertical height to width ratio of water. Explain, that is, the centrifugal water pump suction pump suction pump river mouth spacing of the vertical aspect ratio. Suction means, even in this pool than wide, our family no self-priming pump seal is able to suck up the water. Therefore, whatever goods output power increase, suction is not easy to change. Because it is a stationary characteristics of goods, is from the output power and change the size. So which must be installed under the condition of no self-priming natural gas booster pump seal? That is when the river under the condition of less than the suction pump mouth. For example, still use of the river. Underground water spacing wellhead spacing tens of meters, pipe installation, immediately, of course, is no way to let the water up liquidity. This case, she must be free of water seal self-priming natural gas booster pump. City residential area of high building residents often must be free of self-priming pump seal. Because, municipal engineering water pressure in the high buildings will meet more and more low or no smooth. Warm reminder, some customers will find on the market at present up to 20 meters, suction and 30 meters no self-priming pump seal. This is most unlikely. No seal self-priming pump can achieve 10 meters of suction is very good. Promotion planning but also in accordance with the basic law, customers can not puzzled by the exaggerated publicity planning eyes oh. No seal self-priming pump operation to pay more attention to the problem without seal self-priming pump inhale naturally produced by centrifugal impeller water mixed layer, if left too little water, water mixed layer is too thin, less smoke gas, water is very small, can't reasonable protection cavity, import and export trade and exchange, import vacuum value and destruction. Different water flow when the pump inlet vacuum value of experimental results, this kind of regularity for various no self-priming pump seal are the same, but the values are quite different.
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