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Properly can reduce the friction between the moving parts

by:Suncenter     2020-08-07
Rarely use external drive mechanism, the belt drive alone or external gear, although the camshaft driven pump is usually rely on the same synchronous belt. Sometimes with additional belt alone, in the heart of the adjustment process of dry type sewage pumps are added to the engine. In order to secure, no longer use the electric gas booster pump. power plant structure of some 'turbo timer' electric auxiliary pump is installed on the turbo engine sometimes. Oil pump unit electric factory, this is the second pump work after the engine stops, for turbocharger bearing heat cooling oil for a few minutes, at the same time to cool down. These are the auxiliary pump, can not replace the mechanical main oil pump. Oiling system solves the correct lubrication when the engine is running the engine's needs. Proper lubrication engine not only can reduce the friction between the moving parts, but also from the pistons, bearings and the major axis to remove heat. Failure to correct lubrication engine will lead to engine failure. Oil pump to force the oil through the engine in the channel, in the ordinary injection system, oil from the oil pan by wire mesh filter, filter to clear some of the larger particles from the oil. Produced by the oil pump flow allows oil distribution around the engine. In this system, the oil flow oil filter is sometimes oil cooler, and then through the engine oil and dispersed, with lubrication of piston, ring, spring, valve stem, etc. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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