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despite appliance lag, microwave ovens, heat pumps and freezers sell well

by:Suncenter     2020-09-15
Like car manufacturers and home builders in the United States, major electrical manufacturers do not fully sing when counting monthly production data.
The Home Appliance Manufacturers Association recently reported that shipments could exceed 2 million units for the second time in six months.
However, this is still 33 percentage points lower than the previous year, and the total for the first five months of this year is 33 percentage points less than the same period in 1974.
The latest statistics from the Association of gas appliance manufacturers are also rarely available.
This is one of a series of articles that appear from time to time about how various industries are affected by the recession. to cheer about.
Mei shipped 36 gas central heating systems.
2 percentage points lower than the previous year, gas field shipments fell by 30. 9 per cent.
Only 3 gas water heaters were turned off.
This figure is close to May 1974.
But at least three appliances run against the trend: microwaves, heat pumps and freezers.
\"What they have in common seems to be energy saving.
A spokesman for General Electric said all three companies have them. W. R.
Tappan, chairman of Tappan, predicted mic sales in a recent interview? ?
Wave ovens will be \"a hot project for us and the industry as a whole.
\"They now account for about twice as much of Tappan\'s total sales as they did last year,\" he said . \". Mr.
Tappan also predicts that sales of his company\'s heat pumps will be 10 to 15 percentage points higher than in 1974.
He said the company began promoting heat pumps as a replacement for air conditioners. William W.
George, president, Litton microwave cooking products division, Litton Industries
He said his department\'s sales for the fiscal year ended August.
31, 1974, increased \"third, up by about 50% so far from last year.
He said he expects sales for the current fiscal year to reach about $70 and by the end of the decade our plan is to sell US dollars a year. ”Mr.
George estimated that sales in the microwave industry increased to 725,000 units during 1974, with retail value of US dollars.
He expects sales to exceed 900,000 units this year, worth $1.
Although most people in the home appliance industry are unhappy with the competition of Japanese home appliance manufacturers. Mr.
Tappan said he believes \"at least indirectly\" helped the microwave business.
\"What they provided a few years ago was a hot dog heater that sparked interest in the delicate American-made oven,\" he said . \".
\"If you don\'t cook, it\'s an easy way to be a chef and we\'re pushing the concept forward.
\"Lipton is very confident about the potential of the microwave oven and has recently completed an investment of $8.
2 million factory in the suburbs of San Minni aporithLouis Park.
It\'s still busy for $3.
In addition to the facility, the facility will provide a total of 650,000 square feet of space for microwave oven production.
This means that 250 new jobs will be added.
Heating and Refrigeration General Electric recently reported that heat pump sales in the industry totaled 97,600 units in 1972, then rose to 120,000 units in 1973 and 137,700 units last year. G. E.
Total industrial sales are expected to reach 200,000 units this year, and the figure is expected to double by 1978 or earlier.
Basically, a heat pump operating with electricity absorbs heat that is always present in the air (
Except for absolute zero or minus 460 degrees Fahrenheit)
Heating and cooling are provided.
Just as the air conditioner takes heat from the house and forces it outside, the heat gas booster pump also performs its cooling function.
In the winter, it will reverse, take the heat from the outside, and then smoke inside.
The recent popularity of the heat pump stems from its efficiency, and in many areas today, new buildings can no longer be connected to existing gas pipelines.
Tight supply and rising oil prices have also reduced the attractiveness of fuel oil.
Therefore, it is estimated that half of all the new welding equipment built last year was electrically heated.
Westinghouse mobile, while Westinghouse Electric recently withdrew from its main home appliance sector, still keeps the heat pump running.
A company spokesman said: \"We think this is a real corner.
Westinghouse always separates heat pumps from conventional appliances because they are \"marketed differently --
Sold through Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Contractors-
Must be installed by knowledgeable people.
\"An industry spokesman estimates that installing a typical heat pump in a house that has already installed heating pipes and enough cabling will cost $2,000 to $2,500 per two-ton unit.
They said it would be enough to heat and cool in 14 of the country\'s 16 largest cities and be able to heat and cool a two-story house and basement in 1,800 square feet of space.
They also estimate that this system is 20 to 25 more expensive than a separate central cooling system, or roughly the same as an electric central air conditioning system and a gas stove.
The freezer statistics don\'t seem to be that impressive.
Total shipments decreased by 18 percentage points in April, the upright model decreased by 38 percentage points, and the chest model increased by 12 percentage points.
In the first four months of this year, the total shipments of freezers decreased by 6 percentage points, the straight type decreased by 25 percentage points, and the chest model increased by 17 percentage points.
However, the home appliance manufacturers association noted that 1974 was a record year for free for a total of 3 years.
Shipped 2 million units.
This figure has increased over 1973, so the current total has reached the second highest level in history.
An industry spokesman explained that consumers feel they can reduce energy consumption by trading with a reduction in the use of household cars as they hoard goods being sold.
They also point out that frozen food is much easier than frozen food, as it has been done in the past few years.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about the strong performance of these three appliances is --
Microwave, heat pump and freezer-
None of them are new.
Each product has been in business for at least 15 years.
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