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Far away from the pump bearing always have low pressure

by:Suncenter     2020-08-19
Most of the engine to produce oil pressure should be every 1000 revolutions per minute ( rpm) About 10 psi, peak at about 55 - 65 psi。 The partial pressure ( In the crankshaft journal and bearing) Far more than 50, 60 psi&c. By the setting of the relief valve of pump will reach hundreds of psi. The high pressure is relative to the bearing by the crankshaft journal itself relative velocity ( Not the RPM or shaft neck size) , bearing width ( Relatively close to pressure leakage) To balance, the oil viscosity and temperature. Bearing clearance ( Leakage rate) 。 A lot of pump pressure is indeed a 'fill the hole', and more than oil leakage discharge hole faster refresh in the annular space. This is why the engine at low speed with a relatively large journal, only modest size and pressure pump. Low pressure show that bearing transmission rate of leakage is higher than the pump. The natural gas booster pump outlet, which is caused by the flow resistance of bearing clearance and restrictions. Oil pressure gauge or warning lamp oil pump power plant manufacturer gives its transmitter into the part of the pressure - pressure system Not in many places, not average, also is not a generalization of the whole body pressure diagram. Although often compared with water conservancy engineering theory, but this is not a 'closed system', in this system, hydraulic balance and the same all over the world. Many engines are 'open system', because of oil leakage through a series of controlled to return to the pan. Due to the leakage times between the pump and the bearing, far from the pump bearing always has lower pressure. Bearing clearance will increase after a series of the first bearing and the bearing between the pressure loss. Key words: oil natural gas booster pump power plant manufacturers, oil natural gas booster pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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