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High temperature electric gear pump unit output flow reduction measures

by:Suncenter     2020-08-05
High temperature pump output flow reduction measures: high temperature electric gear pump unit axial assembly gap is too small; Gear end and sliding joint surface between front and back end cover for gear burr failed to remove carefully before assembling, strained joint operation side, thereby make the internal leakage is large, lead to reduce the output flow; Dirt into the pump and wedge into the gear face with strain inside the gap between front and back end cover surface, lead to high and low pressure chamber for the groove and connected appear radial strain and reduce the output flow. For the above situation should adopt the following measures to repair, respectively. Dismantling gear oil gas booster pump, appropriately increase the axial clearance is grinding gear end face; Cover face and gear with before and after surface grinding machine grinding flat end face, and clear the burr on the tooth ( Chamfering) ; Before and after the plane grinding end cover port on the depth of the unloading groove size will have change, should be appropriately increased width. Excellent aluminum alloy rotor type oil gas booster pump power unit with high efficiency, no oil, the characteristics of low noise, good iron body relative to the rotor type oil pump has obvious advantages. Elastic coupling is one for the flexible movement between the shaft parts, coupling allows larger axial and radial displacement and Angle displacement, and has simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy tear open outfit, low noise, low transmission power loss, long life and other advantages, so relatively with elastic coupling of pump unit has a relatively high performance and long service life. For cleaning parts before assembly, deburring, and check the size according to the requirements of design, geometric shape, precision, surface roughness, etc. Key words: oil gas booster pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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