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Lubrication system be established to prevent engine damage

by:Suncenter     2020-08-21
Even the stock pump ( Regardless of the brand and model) No relief valve capacity: decompression mouth is too small to deal with cold oil. It is cold and hot oil, high speed and low speed the reason why there are significant differences between, but due to the above mentioned spring type pressure reducing valve, it is usually not stock engine problems. The release of oil pump electric unit structure design right ( Not in production engine) Will be on the amount of oil will flow gear, however, oil viscosity and temperature and the pressure gauge reading only slightly change. Hydraulic sent by oil pressure unit control, usually installed in the engine cylinder block. This can be a spring-loaded pressure sensor or electronic pressure sensor, depending on the sending unit type. When oil pressure is acceptable, the problem of sending unit or its oil pressure and the connection between the driver display may lead to abnormal pressure readings. Not all have the same oil demand engine. For example, the high performance engine lubrication system big pressure. In this case, the lubrication system exception solid in order to prevent the damage of the engine. Today on the road most of the car engine will not run faster than 5000 - 6000 r/min, but in the engine speed could be as high as 8000 - 9000 r/min in the performance of the engine is not always the case. In the engine like this, the oil circulation, or may be trapped air in oil. In addition, in order to release the power, the performance of the application of some engine oil of low weight, it requires less power to run the pumps. Today the engine ordinary oil is usually a 5 w - again Or 10 w - 30 30 oil, and might use 0 w - engine performance 20 oil viscosity is low. Key words: oil natural gas booster pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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