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Pump power plant choose what are the applications in the process

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
Hydraulic system design ideal is to match the expected overall efficiency and application performance. This requires designers to match the motor, and then the performance of the pump with a specific system is expected to match. Whether requirements are within the scope of the specific time to do STH, or in the processing to quantitative load, the design of the whole system will change according to the selected motor. Hydraulic motor is hydraulic actuator, when properly connected to the hydraulic system will produce rotary actuators. According to the system design, it can be one-way or two-way. Motor in design similar to the natural gas booster pump, the pump rotary actuators used to remove the hydraulic fluid device, the motor will be issued into its own and rotary actuators. power plant choose applications in the process, because the application design practice demands you from the load, and then return to the prime mover input fluid power into motor of the pump, to achieve the performance goal. Each type gear motor, blade, in-line piston, piston and radial piston bending axis, have specific performance characteristics. Therefore, understanding the application performance requirements and which type of motor. Then, evaluate the cost of motor option and the complexity of the whole system needed. Can be traced back to the performance of the application. Some people have strict work cycle, others did not. For example, if you consider low efficiency, light in the motor running to the application of high load, life will be lower than the design of the motor is used to the life of the motor of high load. Type of environment. It's important to understand in order to application performance expectations and choose what job pressure and flow of motor needed. Keywords: oil pump working principle of the power plant, the oil pump electricity unit price, the oil pump power plant model
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