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Pump power plant tell everyone taking the scheduling fuzzy defrosting control train of thought and tEnglish

Pump power plant tell everyone taking the scheduling fuzzy defrosting control train of thought and the basic structure of the system

by:Suncenter     2020-08-25
1. Using the fuzzy defrosting control scheduling train of thought and basic structure of the system, and determine the difference between the indoor and outdoor air temperature, relative humidity and fin temperature change rate as input domain, via the input amount of fuzzification and fuzzy inference method, fuzzy defrosting control simulation of it on a high order, adopts the methods of defrosting, compares with the experimental data, concluded that the results are in conformity with the actual environment is. 2. At this point the freon heater heating, the part of the liquid evaporation again into gas, then enter the second part of the indoor heat exchanger. Such, rely on the indoor heat exchanger, the pump power plant outdoor heat exchanger control of heat to the heat generated by the freon heater along with the air conditioning room, make up the due to outdoor environment temperature is low enough heating. 3. Compared with conventional defrosting method, this method not only extends the heating time, reduced the number of defrosting and defrosting loss, and make the unit work performance and on the rise. Where the outdoor atmosphere temperature is low, because of a shortage of oil natural gas booster pump power plant summer heating load, the need for sponsorship heater. Use method is less in the indoor machine heater FengKouChu design, this method not only the heat transfer efficiency is low, safety performance is poor and frost time, indoor temperature is low, using freon heater can perhaps significantly overcome the above problem, this method is the indoor heat exchanger points before and after two parts, the increase in the middle a sponsored freon heater, electric unit running in the summer, the oil pump compressor exclusive high-temperature chloride Leon gas into the front of the indoor heat exchanger has been. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil natural gas booster pump power plant USES, oil natural gas booster pump unit price
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