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Temperature will harm the use of no self-priming pump seal

by:Suncenter     2020-08-20
Temperature will harm no self-priming pump seal used in general temperature 40 degrees to pump all of the following normal operation, if high temperature have the harm without seal self-priming pump applications. In natural environment temperature is relatively high, the pump with motor drive equipment to carry out the design scheme, due to transport the temperature of the material will be according to the drive equipment and transmitted to the motor drive shaft. No self-priming pump seal temperature is too high because of 1 of the rolling bearing, grease application requirements of discrepancies or grease residue. General rolling bearing RunHua all have fixed grease, grease can be applied to other. Therefore can not be wrong with grease. 2, pump shaft and motor shaft is not installed with a ship can also lead to rolling bearing temperature is too high, also will be the customers own independent motor installation is not installed during the whole process of choose and buy, only need to adjust the natural gas booster pump shaft and motor shaft alignment again on line. 3, rolling bearing damage, or quality is not very good will harm the application. If disclosure for rolling bearing damage seriously must immediately moved around. No seal valve accessories goods of self-priming pump is now very popular a kind of commodity, because this commodity has a very distinctive advantages, is the key of the following features: 1, made in our factory no self-priming pump seal selection 'pump with various bad type suction filter sealing device', eliminate the traditional centrifugal pump packing seal, packing seal, seal, is replaced by a variety of long shaft submerged pump, submersible sewage pump, etc. The most ideal equipment. 2, possess excellent automatic control function, can be high and new technology industry and wide than automation technology supporting facilities. 3, operation in the whole process of sealing equipment no friction, no mo loss, life is about 10 times longer in the same industry. 4, little vibration, low noise, move to trot, tear open outfit is simple, easy to install, no need to foot fixed. 5 emigration no seal, basic principle of self-priming pump, naturally aspirated feature smooth, very is to choose 'dynamic gas pressure regulating valve', keep the real 'a drainage method, lifelong naturally aspirated'.
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