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Debugging of plunger pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-26
4 variable plunger pump 1 - the phone is switched on 2 hours check by temperature, pressure, sound is normal. Please note that the following items: plunger natural gas booster pump end of commissioning. Check the power supply has a good grounding of the commissioning before. Validation plunger pump power supply voltage and the wiring is correct. 2 confirm piping, pump parts, pressure gauge, safe valve without exception ( There may be damaged due to transportation of) Two oil 1 confirm piston pump base oil pool clean. Oil grades according to the oil standard oil indicate position, 2 to infuse lubricant base oil pool. Different type variable piston pump manufacturer use lubrication. Stick to a between high and low oil level. Hydraulic end flange screw moderation ( About 530 n. M do not force too big, loose the screw for the various parts inspection plunger natural gas booster pump. In case a crush 'position' check motor coupling, electric contact pressure gauge, electric equipment is normal. 4 check the attachment. The upper limit of five electric contact pressure gauge whether regulation in 1. 1 times the rated pressure value. Six commissioning the electric contact pressure gauge instructions in 1. Under 1 times the rated pressure value, the suction pipe, large open valve on the discharge pipe to the position. High-pressure pump safe valve is normal. Before start the host. Open the host. 1 it is strictly prohibited in the case of close the inlet valve. 2 medium oil tank surface position is normal. Motor starting. 3 press the starting switch. 4 check the motor to correct. Check the presence of abnormal noise, 5 after startup. Parts with and without loose, the seal leaks. 6 to observe whether the value of pressure indicator in the ratings. High pressure pump in daily operation note 1 entrance pressure gauge indicating value is normal. To be found as early as possible accident. Note 2 voice and presence of abnormal vibration. Lubricating oil and the screw loose. 3 note leaks medium. Seven downtime host a halt. 1 press the stop button. First close the suction line valve, 2 after downtime. After the discharge line valve. 3 temporary downtime ( More than three months) Ought to work even after temporary downtime: 1 the lubricating oil discharge clean; 2 cut off power supply; Will the heat leakage corrosion high-pressure pump) 3 to close near heating ( Temporary storage. 4 dust ( On the whole machine with plastic film cover) High-pressure pump temporarily shut down after running should be paid attention to matters such as the resistance is lower than 2 m Ω, 1 to determine the insulation performance of the machine. Should be dry disposal; 2 wash stand with kerosene pool ( Dump the kerosene after cleaning them up) 3 according to the new boot (other Refer to the 4) operation Disposal; Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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