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nb power winds down heat pump rebate while saint john energy cranks its up

by:Suncenter     2020-09-13
With the strength of NB gradually weakened
Sainjohn\'s municipal utility company is expanding its own project this month and expanding it to NB Power customers.
\"NB Power customers are very interested in us.
\"We know we can accommodate them, so we decided to help them,\" said Marta Kelley of St. John energy . \".
Last year, both utilities developed very popular projects to help customers get an efficient tube-free heat pump.
But while NB Power spent more than expected millions of dollars on its project and then abruptly canceled it last month, St. John Energy has succeeded in turning its project into a profitable one
Kelly said that the situation beyond expectations is far beyond our expectations.
As a low-cost winter heat source, the high-efficiency tube-free heat pump has become popular among consumers.
The quality unit can extract and concentrate warmth from the outdoor air
Even if the temperature is far below zero
A small portion of the home is heated at the cost and power consumption of traditional electric substrates and space heaters.
NB Power is concerned that consumers may be attracted to cheap, inefficient heat pumps that don\'t work well in the cold, increasing the expensive winter heating load on their generators.
To avoid this, last fall, if consumers installed an approved and efficient device, it would give them a $500 rebate.
The response is overwhelming, and the finances run out for the strength of NB.
Brian Jenkins\'s company Air to Air, which sells heat pumps in miramie, said the promotion immediately doubled his sales.
\"People like them,\" Jenkins said . \".
Budget utility companies over $5 m are expected to help buy 3,000 heat pumps for $1.
5 million in the first year, but by the time the project was terminated on Sept, it had reached 13,300.
30, all units of byOct need to be installed. 31.
This has pushed the plan beyond the budget of $5 million, while utilities are struggling financially.
Brent steinburn, a spokesman for NB Power, said: \"The goal of the project is not to accelerate the sales of heat pumps . \" The GM rebate program was canceled because it was very successful, he said.
\"Today, both heating contractors and homeowners have a greater understanding of the efficiency of heat pumps at cold temperatures, and key objectives have been achieved: Since heating contractors now offer more efficient models almost entirely, the market has changed.
In contrast, while the heat pump program for St. John\'s energy is equally popular with consumers, it increases the revenue of utilities, rather than running out of revenue.
Instead of giving kickbacks, the company decided to retain ownership of the heat gas booster pump and rent it like a water heater.
Utilities install and maintain them for homeowners and charge an average of $50 per month, all of which are units on NB Power\'s approved list of efficient models.
St. John residents are eligible for a NB Power rebate, but most people have chosen to rent a house by ignoring this offer.
St. John resident Heather Shuff, the first customer to register in last January, said she did not want to fund such a large purchase or know where to get the best.
\"I don\'t want to spend 5 for me,\" Shuve said . \".
\"Also, I have to be my own contractor.
I have to go out and search all the different vendors to find out who I want to deal with and get a quote. I let them [
St. John energy
Do the work for me.
\"Less than one St. John\'s energy company so far --
NB Power has installed 900 units in size.
So far, about 60 tourists have left the city to get to questamses, Rossey, Great Bay --
Provide services to customers of NB Power.
\"We just serve our customers in the surrounding areas,\" Kelly said . \" He claimed that the NB Power customer was not sought but was not rejected.
\"We have the assessors do the same as the customers of St. John energy.
Since there is no similar product in NB Power, it is all about offering the option.
\"Kickbacks from SomeNB Power are still there, saying it hasn\'t completely canceled its own heat gas booster pump kickbacks, although it makes it more difficult and not available in some cases.
Changes that came into effect on October.
1. NB Power has completely closed the rebate plan for all people who use oil, natural gas and all other non-heatingelectric fuels.
Those who have electric heating can still get a rebate, but must pay $240 for a home energy audit first and then do insulation or weather proof as per the instructions of the audit.
After that, if an approved heat pump is installed, a rebate of $500 can be applied.
Brian Jenkins says he hopes there is no business in the project.
\"I think it will drop sharply,\" he said . \".
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