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power grab: orlando’s clout grows as clean energy innovation hub

by:Suncenter     2020-09-14
Michael Kelas college student in Nicole Hall
Elser and Kinsley Gerks realize that there is a big waste problem in the world: when the electronics at the heart of our modern society reach the end of their useful lives, they are thrown out like other rubbish.
The number of all these printers, telephones and other IT devices reached an astonishing 50 million tons.
Global waste every year.
The stream will not end soon.
The researchers say buyers consume 66 million tons of new electronics a year.
But, where the world is facing major challenges, two students at Rawlins College, Florida Winter Park, saw the opportunity.
They want to know: what can they be used to do if abandoned batteries still work?
\"What we throw away should be fully utilized,\" Hall --Elser said.
\"But there are so many of these batteries that have longevity.
It wastes so much potential energy, especially for those who need it most.
\"Perform tasks in e-commerce to reduce useful batteries
In 2018, the couple created a cleaning technology company called Batterhorn.
They plan to remove lithium batteries from electronic devices.
Waste logistics and re-use it in a solar power generation kit for natural disaster victims, homeless or outdoor enthusiasts who need electricity.
First Hall
Collected email
They recovered 100 pounds of the battery from waste from local businesses in Orlando and found that 73% of the battery passed the battery reuse qualification.
They are now working with the solid waste department in Orange County to collect batteries that will otherwise be shipped to landfill sites.
Together with engineers at the University of Central Florida, the two innovators developed a working prototype that can be combined with others to provide more motivation.
They intend to start selling these kits in early 2020.
Investment in the local cleaning technology industry Hall
Elser and Gerks praised many organizations around Orlando for nurturing them and their ideas through market launches.
\"There are a lot of incredible projects here, from accelerators to university incubators and other startups,\" says Gerks . \".
\"With so many opportunities, our wall of success has been demolished for us.
Driven by innovative investment, clean technology and clean energy have become a big business in Orlando.
Rich cross
Discipline talent in the field is now known as a \"regional home\" and has formed an ecosystem of collaborative business, progressive government and advanced research centers.
The University of California federation\'s Florida Solar Center and the university\'s research centers such as energy conversion and propulsion clusters have pushed Orlando to the forefront of the global clean energy industry.
At the same time, local startups like Batterhorn are thinking creatively about finding sustainable solutions to tough issues.
Incubators such as rallies and competitions for large power generation companies cultivate ideas and leaders before helping to find financing.
The emergence of key industry players such as Siemens Energy and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems further drives this effort, which produces advanced power generation, transmission and storage equipment. Big-
At the same time, electricity consumers like Walt Disney World Resort are creating an important market for alternative energy and energy --
Efficient products.
The whole picture shows the next fertile garden to sprout
A generation of clean technology.
\"In general, the launch scene here is a very healthy space and we are all cheering each other here,\" Hall-Elser said.
\"The city and county governments have been very supportive of us --
We play with the big boys in the clean technology ecosystem.
\"The city has established the leadership of the government in this area and has also emerged in the form of policy decisions on energy conservation and transition to renewable energy.
\"Clean Technology and transition to clean energy provide a huge opportunity for economic growth here,\" said Chris Castro, Orlando\'s director of sustainability and resilience . \".
\"Man, Earth and prosperity --
That\'s how we look at this investment.
\"Labor data shows that clean technology companies are showing their strength.
More than 15,000 people are employed in solar, wind and geothermal power generation in Florida, while nearly 113,000 are engaged in energy-saving work such as insulation and efficient lighting installation.
Castro says the installation of solar panels is one of the hottest jobs in Orlando.
Officials have promised that by 2050, all energy sources in Orlando will be available from renewable sources.
Other cities are also making big plans.
The nearby Kissimmee recently said it would connect all municipal facilities with solar energy by 2020.
At the same time, the county government has set up ambitious sustainable development plans to invest in protecting resources and reducing atmospheric emissions.
Disney, the big customer of clean technology, is pushing ahead with its sustainable development plan.
The company recently launched a 270
The acre solar farm, which produces enough electricity to power its two theme parks.
It is also working to reduce 60% of waste discharged to landfill sites and significantly reduce the use of water.
To achieve these sustainable goals, of course, it is not just a few solar panels that need to be installed on the roof.
Millions of people call the region home, and the number is growing every day.
That\'s why Castro and his colleagues in the government have launched some progressive projects.
The city is transforming its municipal fleet into electric vehicles.
They are also working on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
Like a pilot testing floating solar panels on many ponds and lakes in the area.
It also sets efficiency tasks to reduce energy waste.
Orlando began demanding cities in 2018
It has over 10,000 square feet of buildings and over 50,000 square feet of commercial and multi-family buildings to track and report on its energy use.
The policy covers less than 5% of buildings in Orlando, but accounts for 50% of total building energy consumption.
Castro said the policy aims to help improve overall building energy efficiency and allow people to make smarter decisions about where they want to live and work.
It also combines financing projects that help owners offset investment in clean technology.
In addition, the city is a public place for innovation.
Private partners like Orlando drive electric vehicles.
This effort took advantage of the region as the largest car rental market and pre-
Locals and tourists are exposed to the famous tourist destinations of electric vehicles.
The plan is driving the massive deployment of electric vehicle charging stations.
Castro says there are now 400 Chargers in the greater Orlando area and 200 in the city.
James Fenton, director of the University of cocoa Florida Solar Center, said Orlando is taking full advantage of the unprecedented opportunities brought about by technological innovation and market demand.
The Energy Center is carrying out a number of clean technology research and development projects, including projects aimed at improving building and heating, ventilation and air
Adjust efficiency, water heaters, solar photovoltaic and energy storage.
An FSEC move is to pair solar panels with electric heat pumps to produce residential hot water, a process that consumes 15% of the total household energy consumption.
Other companies have created more efficient air conditioning and ceiling fan designs.
It also works with Orlando to achieve its ambitious energy program.
\"I am hopeful that because places like Orlando are committed to a renewable future, they are investing in innovation to achieve that,\" said Fenton . \".
\"The city is a leader in preparing for the future of new energy.
Castro said everyone in the region working on clean technology believes that they are part of a professional community dedicated to improving the health and environment of people around the world.
They see Orlando as a contender for the global innovation center to tackle climate change while saving energy and water.
\"All of us are trying to cultivate creativity and a new culture,\" Castro said . \".
\"If we can be the leader in clean technology, we can maintain our own development and improve our health beyond the 21 century by providing solutions that will help the world.
\"If you think you know Orlando, download the Orlando Business Leader for stories and insights that might surprise you.
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