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Pump power plant application

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
Designed for fuel pump power plant due to code or suction lift restrictions and cannot be installed in the normal application of above flood level, the prevention of water pump design and installation in the below grade level. These can withstand submerged pump and continue uninterrupted operation during the flood. Oil natural gas booster pump unit electrical applications: 1, facilities installed in the flood water level or below history and can't afford to lose power generation facilities. 2, the location of the backup power system is located in the area of prone to flooding. 3, hospital, financial institutions, communication facilities and data centers. The function of the pump power plant includes: 1. Designed to withstand 75 feet in the water immersion and continue uninterrupted operation. 2. The complete pump and motor components installed in diving in the box. 3. Identify type leakage sensor is installed inside a shell of 4. External connection seal welded to the shell, used to connect piping. 5. External connection seal welded to the shell, used for electrical connection in the 6. Stainless steel hose, used in the pump suction and discharge connection. 7. Epoxy enamel painted carbon steel shell. 8. With gasket flange access door. 9. To remove the pump sliding tray, used for maintenance or repair. 10. Installed inside the case local non fusible circuit breakers. Electric pump is driven by motor oil pump, used for during the stop launch vehicle engine, such as maintaining the automatic transmission of the hydraulic and lubrication/stepless transmission. Features: compact structure, light weight, with pump, the overall structure of the motor and drive unit. Compared with ordinary gear natural gas booster pump, piston natural gas booster pump are efficient with good pressure and temperature characteristic; Discharge rate by motor speed control; High efficiency and low power consumption. Keywords: oil pump power plant dealers, electrical unit manual pump, oil pump unit electric company
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