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Pump power plant maintenance of common sense

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
one Qidong oil pump electric equipment preparation work before 1 unit. Check the motor winding insulation resistance. Opened the box, with more than 500 v megohmmeter, measuring winding and base, the insulation resistance between the normal value should be & gt; 5MΩ。 Remove the terminal connector, measure the insulation of the winding and white, normal value should be & gt; 10MΩ。 As in the measurement process, has a low resistance is serious, should open motor to find elements. Such as shape little motor be affected with damp be affected with damp cause insulation function decrease, and should be baking displacement, only when the insulation of qualified, talented equipment use. 2. Three-phase winding resistance measurement. Such as resistance difference is bigger, should check if there is contact undesirable elements such as motor winding wire. 3. Check the qidong oil natural gas booster pump power plant some is qualified or not. Sensitive, rolling shaft by hand to see whether there is normal backlash, jam, shaft and abnormal noise. Check if parts are complete at the same time, the firm is to tighten the screw, coupling and pulley is the device and calibration. 2. Qidong pump power plant equipment and try to work before wiring, motor control circuit, first check to maintain circuit is normal, fuse selection is right, the control of electrical connection between the contact is robust. Such as normal, then good motor power light, query the motor work direction is begged fit equipment. Such as rolling direction on the contrary, just put the motor wiring board power supply into line any two ends. After launching test normal, connect the motor load test work, and check the working current is normal or not. If current is too large, should stop check. If after wearing load, motor does not turn or low speed, or have a wrong hum, should the power cuts, such as electric moment longer, had great may be burnt motor winding, and even damage the control circuit and damage to equipment, usually this kind of situation, mechanical elements for the heavy load or jammed, electrical elements work for phase. At this time should be carefully check the disadvantage factors, to eliminate disadvantages talent from scratch test after work. Usually initiated motor current is 5 ~ 7 times that of the working current, when a motor, continuous initiated within three times the number of times to control, to prevent too large a current of high temperature gathering, burn out motor winding insulation. 3. power plant maintenance in the work of the machine work is normal, from the motor, dynamic, the phenomenon such as speed, temperature, working current. Smoking is wrong dynamic, overheating, or light control electric contact smoking one of this kind of phenomenon, should be the power outage maintenance. When listening to motor work dynamic, if found to have larger hum, not current, is the lack of work. Such as disorder of resistance, there may be bearing damage phenomenon of chamber. If you have a vision of the mild voice, can use a stick or long screwdriver, end cap to the motor bearing parts, side close to the ear, if carefully determine declared dynamic disorder. If there is any abnormal noise, bearing in doubt, should change in time, prevent the damage of bearing cage, constitute the rotor and the stator resistance chamber, burning motor stator winding. Query control electrical contact and electrical wiring junction are loose, abnormal warming or lighter, insulation aging. Contactor to have the vibration of the disorder or dynamic, contact is in flames after absorption, if discover this kind of question, should be dealt with as soon as possible, to prevent trouble. Electrician in usual patrols, want to often to check whether have motor overheating. Commonly used E very promise high temperature insulation motor was 110%, in the internship of motor winding temperature, much lower than the limit temperature. When measuring the surface temperature of the motor plus 16 - 21 ℃, internship is the motor winding temperature. So understanding of a single or more hot oil pump noise propagation characteristics, to explore method of hot oil pump unit group of noise control has widespread practical significance. From qidong pump noise source, noise characteristics of power unit, heat natural gas booster pump unit instances of noise control, noise control and management of technical point of view, hot oil natural gas booster pump unit has promotion value and significance of noise control engineering example about the motor temperature rise too high, to measure the working electric Liu, such as current is big, three-phase voltage is normal, the heavy load, should be checked by mechanics mechanical equipment, such as found that more than 30% of electricity captain time over-current, maintenance equipment not action, not the power, it shows that the setting of the thermal relay setting current is too large, should reduce the setting current value. Keywords: qidong oil pump power plant, the oil pump electricity unit price, the oil pump power plant model
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