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To share the axial plunger pump problem

by:Suncenter     2020-09-10
Axial piston pump plate reversing valve manufacturer to tell you the specific scheme in combination with surface oil leakage because the error reason reason and eliminate the pace: l) Assembly screw too loose, tighten the screws. 2) Assembly underside machining accuracy is poor: should guarantee assembly underside machining accuracy. 3) 底面密封圈老化失密封感化:应调换密封圈。 4) Screw materials, tensile deformation: the bolt should be according to request a transfer. 2. , electromagnet overheating or burn out the error reason reason reason and eliminate the pace: l) Power supply voltage is high, a coil of fever, should be to delimit the range of the voltage drop. 2) Electromagnetic coil insulation fault: should change the electromagnet. 3) Many commutation of coil overheating: use wet dc electromagnet. 4) Wire welding owe good, bad war: should reflect upon and from the new assembly. 5) Electromagnet middle axis and the slide valve is not working, should from the new assembly after assembly. 6) Push rod is too long and electromagnet stroke common inappropriate: should mend the putter. 7) Dry electromagnet into oil and destruction of coil: find the leak and change the seal ring. 3, the reversing ineffective because the error reason reason and eliminate the pace: l) Oil mixed with pollutants, stuck valve: should be washed slide valve, changing the oil. 2) Spring force is too small or too big: should exchange for spring. 3) Electromagnet core with pollutants: war should eliminate contaminants. 4) Slide valve and the valve clearance is too small or too big: should be patched up or change. 5) Electromagnetic directional valve of the push rod length do not apply or Pi journey after wear, valve core move is too small, make the reversing: should be patched up or change the push rod. Keywords: axial plunger co2 transfer pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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