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Variable plunger pump consideration and configuration of frequency converter in different industriesEnglish

Variable plunger pump consideration and configuration of frequency converter in different industries

by:Suncenter     2020-09-07
Variable plunger pump manufacturer to consider in different industries as well as the frequency converter configuration for variable plunger pump manufacturers, the main work, the answer is to proceed with this product, is, put forward some related problems, to explain in detail then and answer, thereby, let us know, and understand thoroughly, lest produce false belief, thus affect the normal use of high pressure pump, etc. 1. Reverse osmosis with high-pressure pump and booster pump, how to configure the inverter? This word, should according to the specific circumstances, to a specific decision, therefore, such questions, not answer, because I don't know the specific circumstances. However, in principle, in order to avoid making mistakes, can choose universal frequency converter, which is insurance. 2. High-pressure pump 16 million mpa dredge sewer use much pressure hose? For this problem, the specific answer is as follows: 16000000 mpa, variable piston co2 transfer pump manufacturer as the equivalent of 160 kilograms of weight. Therefore, this kind of high pressure pump, it should be for small high pressure pump. So, on pipelines and pressure, can choose 19 high-voltage wire, to get good use effect. 3. High pressure pump, used for different industries, specific want what to consider? Variable plunger pump factory, if it is used in industrial fields, such as cleaning, and rust removing oxide removal and cleaning pipelines, etc, so, in the choose and buy, should pay attention to cleaning pressure, as well as the equipment power both. Because, if cleaning pressure is not enough, or equipment is not suitable for power, so, will affect the cleaning effect. These, for high pressure co2 transfer pump, can say, is the basis and important, so on the learning requirements, to solid mastery, so. And, only in this way, also can use knowledge, thus, to increase the use effect of product, and allow yourself to benefit from it. At the same time, this to the rise of high-pressure co2 transfer pump use value, also be helpful, can help to achieve purpose. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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